10 Amazing Things You Have to Do in Leiper's Fork

I was born and raised in a tiny, rural town in Indiana. Yeah, yeah. You're probably saying, "so was I, there were only 50,000 people in my town." Nope... think one stoplight in the county small. Think more cows than people. Being from a small town, you get accustomed to a certain level of small-town charm. I figured I knew small town charm when I moved to Tennessee. But then I met Leiper's Fork - A.K.A., the most charming tiny town there ever was. 

If you haven't been, picture this: A quaint little village nestled off the Natchez Trace Parkway, featuring rolling hills and fire pits. There are art galleries where you can sit and chat with artists for hours on end, sweet tea in hand. You can dine at the iconic "Table of Wisdom," home to locals who have been in this village for as long as anyone can remember. Most importantly, you'll experience the kind of southern hospitality you thought was long lost.

Next time you're in Franklin, Tennessee, take a short drive (or a bike ride with Pedego Electric Bikes!) to Leiper's Fork, and be sure to experience these 10 things while you're there!

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The General Lee in Leiper's Fork, TN makes for an epic selfie background!

Snap a selfie with the General Lee

A visit to Leiper's Fork didn't happen unless you post a selfie to Instagram with the General Lee and Andy's sheriff car. These iconic cars greet visitors each time they enter Leiper's Fork. You'll know you've arrived in what locals affectionately call "The Fork" when you see a bright orange car and a police cruiser straight from Mayberry on the side of the road. BONUS: When you stop for your selfie, check out the historical marker that tells the history of how Leiper's Fork came to be.


Country Boy Restaurant is a breakfast staple in Leiper's Fork, near Franklin, TN

Eat breakfast at Country Boy

Remember when I said restaurants in Leiper's Fork are known to have a Table of Wisdom? Well, Country Boy Restaurant is home to said table. Come in for (the best ever) biscuits & gravy on any given morning, and you'll see a group of gentlemen crowded around The Table of Wisdom, catching up on the local gossip and greeting each and every person who walks through the door.


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Finds in the Fork in Leiper's Fork sells vinyl records, antiques, and more.

Flip through vinyl at Finds in the Fork

You wouldn't think a tiny town like Leiper's Fork would be home to a legendary record store, but alas - it is! From collectors items to new vinyl records, Finds in the Fork is known to have excellent taste in music!


Serenite Maison in Leiper's Fork is home to a legendary pickin' corner featuring antique instruments.

Pick at the Pickin' Corner

A trip to Leiper's Fork isn't complete without a stop at Serenite Maison! Serenite Maison features an iconic Pickin' Corner (as seen in a Garden & Gun spread featuring Jason Isbell), hand selected antiques, and one-of-a-kind items like jewelry, furniture, and textiles. Some of the biggest names in music have stopped in to strum on the classic instruments hanging on the wall here, so don't be shocked if you here a familar tune coming from the corner.


Leiper's Fork Distillery makes bourbon in Franklin, Tennessee

Take a tour of Leiper's Fork Distillery

Back in the day, Leiper's Fork (and much of Williamson County!) was home to Moonshiners. Lucky for us, distilling is legal now, and Leiper's Fork Distillery is bringing the art of distilling delicious spirits back to Williamson County. From grain to glass, Leiper's Fork Distillery makes their bourbon right here in Tennessee! You can take a tour of the distillery, shop the gift shop, and of course grab a taste of these fine spirits. Once a month the distillery also turns into a music venue for the can't miss, Stillhouse Sessions, where singers and songwriters perform in the round for a small intimate audience.  


Leiper's Creek Gallery is home to award winning art in Leiper's Fork, TN

Peruse fine art at Leiper's Creek Gallery

Right in the middle of Leiper's Fork sits Leiper's Creek Gallery. The gallery, formerly home to a gas station, features an eclectic range of art from paintings to abstract expressionism and sculpture. Owner Lisa Fox has done an incredible job of making the gallery feel like home to all who step through the doors. BONUS: More often than not, the fire pit outside is stocked with marshmallows, chocolate, and of course graham crackers. So pull up a seat and get to roasting!


The Copper Fox Gallery in Leiper's Fork is home to local and regional art

Enjoy local art at Copper Fox Gallery

Looking for local art while you're here? Look no further than Copper Fox Gallery! This gallery features a diverse selection of handmade goods like pottery, jewelry, textiles, leather, glass, and more. Even if you don't leave the gallery with a purchase, take the time to soak in your surroundings - The Copper Fox is located in a beautifully restored 1860's home, which lends itself perfectly to each carefully curated piece of art.


David Arms owns a gallery in Leiper's Fork, TN where you can find paintings, prints, books, and more.

Fuel your creative spirit at David Arms Gallery

David Arms is an artist. He's a painter but isn't limited by a palette knife or brush. This is apparent in his gallery, located right on the edge of this little village. Arms has curated this space with things he loves, like bow ties, paintings, books, and cards. When you enter the gallery, you'll be greeted by your new best friend (possibly David Arms himself) and feel welcomed immediately. I could seriously spend hours in this space - listening to classical music, taking in the signature scent of the gallery, and fueling my creative spirit.


Puckett's of Leiper's Fork is home to delicious food and live music

Hear live music at Puckett's

After you've shopped, toured, and selfied, you're going to want to sit a spell and relax! Enter The Original Puckett's Grocery & Restaurant in the heart of Leiper's Fork. Grab a plate of ribs, a burger, or maybe just a few sides, a beer, and pull up a seat to take in the tunes of The Fork! Puckett's hosts live music almost every night of the week. Don't miss Open Mic Night on Thursday nights. You never know who you'll see! We're serious about this! Grammy-award winning artists have been known to pop in to play a few songs, or just check out the latest talent.


Pot N' Kettle Cottages have 4 vacation rental properties in the heart of Leiper's Fork, TN

Rest your head at Pot N' Kettle Cottages

After a long day of exploring, you'll need a place to rest your head. All Pot N' Kettle Cottage properties are just a leap from The Fork! From a cute and cozy cottage like Coda Cottage (which sleeps five) to a large, historic home like Leiper's Fork Inn (which sleeps nine) Pot N' Kettle Cottages are sure to please and leave you well-rested for the rest of your visit!

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