10 Things You'll Love in Franklin for $10

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10 Things You'll Love in Franklin for $10

I was once told that the world was divided up into two different types of people: the Spenders and the Savers. As a single lady, this was a theory to me. As a married woman, it quickly became fact. The fact is: I’m a Spender.

As I rang in the new year, I decided that one of my goals was to find new ways to save money. While I’m not quite willing to give up my monthly spa facials just yet, I decided to get creative: find 10 things to do in Franklin for $10 or less. Was I successful? See for yourself...

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Music City Roots is a live music show every Wednesday at the Factory at Franklin!

Music City Roots - $10

I found a ton of live music for free all around Franklin, but this show was the most fun. This isn’t just another live music event. This is an experience. Music City Roots is a live radio show that showcases amazing singer/songwriters including genres of music from country rock to soul and everything in between. It takes you back to a time when the Opry “It” stars would take to the stage and laugh and joke together. The performers did just that throughout the entire show, and it was a blast.

Catch a Movie at the Franklin Theatre in Franklin, Tennessee for just $7!

Catch a Movie at the Franklin Theatre - $7

Would you believe me if I told you that a theater built in 1937 that was once a premier movie house where first kisses were happening on the regular still existed? Not just that, but where they still only charged $6-$10 for movie tickets in 2017. No? Well, see for yourself at the Franklin Theatre! You can catch movies, old and new, any night of the week at this darling theater that adds to the charm of Franklin’s Main Street.  

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Grab a wine tasting at Arrington Vineyards in Williamson County, Tennessee for just $7!

Arrington Vineyards - $7

My husband and I are huge fans of wine, so we frequent Arrington Vineyards. We go not just for the views, but for the wine tastings and the live music both of which are under $10! Arrington serves up free live music April-November during their music series called Music in the Vines. Along with great music, you can treat yourself to a classic wine tasting for just $7! In my mission to save money, I was relieved to find that I didn’t have to give up my weekends at Arrington!

You can take a tour at the Lotz House for $10

Historic Lotz House Tour - $10

Franklin has been around for a long time (since 1799 to be exact), so you can imagine the history this town has hidden within its walls. A great way to learn the history of Franklin, as well as the Battle of Franklin (that took place during the Civil War), is to tour one of the historic house museums. For just $10, you can get a 1-hour tour of the Lotz House, a beautiful two story home still standing from the Civil War, see the spot where a cannon ball landed in the home, and get a lesson on Civil War-era antiques. 

Grab your free Walking Tour Brochure at the Visitor Center!

Historic Walking Tour  - FREE

The Visitor Center in downtown Franklin has a self-guided walking tour of the entire downtown area for FREE (music to my ears). It’s a great way to learn about the history of the town and the buildings that surround Main Street. Did you know that the first African American business in downtown Franklin was a shoe repair shop and the original building still stands on Main Street today? That's free knowledge right there.

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Timberland Park offers free hiking for visitors

Go for a Hike at Timberland Park  - FREE

Franklin gives its visitors and locals the best of both worlds: you can shop and dine in the downtown district, or you can go on a hike and connect with nature. I connect with nature on hikes at Timberland Park. Not only did I get to drive the scenic Natchez Trace Parkway and see the famous Double Arch Bridge, but I got to surround myself in the beauty this area holds for absolutely free.

Mantra Artisan Ales offers a free Yoga class to all every Saturday morning

Beer Yoga = My New Mantra - $0-$10

Mantra Artisan Ales offers a free Yoga class to all experienced and aspiring Yogis every Saturday morning at 10:30 with a free pint of beer to follow. All they ask is that participants make a donation towards The Epilepsy Foundation of Middle Tennessee. I felt truly carefree by noon. Cheers and Namaste! (Don’t forget to tip your bartender!)

Noble Springs is a working goat farm open to the public for tours

Tour a Working Goat Farm  $10

Franklin really does give you the best of every world. Farms abound in this town, and you can get up close and personal to farm life at Noble Springs Dairy, a local goat dairy, and creamery. The goats are adorable, and the Cranberry Honey Chevre is outta this world! Book your tour online to save some money.

Get caffeinated for around $2 at one of Franklin's many coffee shops

Get Caffeinated  - $2

Franklin has quite a few cozy places to curl up and sip your favorite cup o’ joe, but I especially love getting a Chai Latte at the Coffee House at Second and Bridge. The minute you walk in you feel like you’re at home, and the baristas are so nice! I try to sink into the same leather seat with a good book and not a care in the world. Great Chai Latte $2.50. Experience: Priceless.

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Franklin's Annual Main Street Festivals are always free!

Annual Main Street Festivals  - FREE 

Franklin’s annual Main Street festivals never disappoint or break the bank. Almost every event on this Great American Main Street is free. A couple of my favorites include the Main Street Festival in April and Dickens of a Christmas in December. Don’t take my word for it. Experience these festivals for yourself and find your favorite one to come back to every year!