10 Things You’ll Need to Make The Pilgrimage

Festivals are fun unless you forget to bring the essentials and the day turns out to be a big ole hot mess. Literally! The last thing anyone wants when they’re planning to attend a two-day epic music festival like Pilgrimage in Franklin, Tennessee is to blank out on the necessities which make for a great festival experience. 

Good thing I’m here to help keep that from happening. The crack research team here at Visit Franklin has put together a list of things you absolutely must have if you’re planning on making the pilgrimage to Franklin next week to see Justin Timberlake, Eddie Vedder, and Ryan Adams rock the stage at Harlinsdale Farm!

Let’s get started!

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Water Bottle

1. Water bottle

Dehydration is bad, and while that may seem obvious, you’d be surprised how many forget to bring a water bottle or their favorite canteen from scouts to a festival. We’re hoping and expecting great weather at Pilgrimage this year, but either way, there will be three water stations available for you to stay hydrated. 

2. Pilgrimage + Visit Franklin App(s)

Did you know Pilgrimage has an app? If you haven’t downloaded it yet, check it out! There you can research the schedule, plan out both days, and take a peek at all the great vendors that’ll be on site waiting to connect with you. And since we’re plugging apps, don’t forget to download the Visit Franklin mobile app too. Click the image below and learn all about what there is to see and do in and around Franklin, Tennessee.

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3. Sunscreen

Unfortunately, I’ve learned this lesson the hard way. So don’t make the same mistake I have, be sure to pack some sunscreen. You’ll be glad you did and miserable afterward if you don’t. Do I really need to say anything else?

Dollar Bills

4. Dollar Bills

If you’re anything like me, you rarely have cash on hand, and even though Apple Pay should be accepted everywhere, you just never know if that ice cream food truck takes plastic. Better to be safe than sorry and having to bum some cash from a friend. Bring those dollar bills!  


5. Friends

I guess somewhere along the way someone has experienced a festival alone, but I shudder at the thought. I’m of the firm belief that friends make everything better and Pilgrimage Festival is no different. Last year I had a blast with several of my closest friends and I can’t wait to see some of them again this year. There are still a few tickets remaining so if someone just came to mind that’s currently not going but you’d love for them to be, stop what you’re doing and do the two of you a solid and get them a ticket right now! You won’t regret it!

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6. Poncho

Rocking out in the rain may make for a memorable experience, but it’s being soaking wet afterwards which isn’t very fun. So a Poncho makes the list as opposed to an umbrella because no one wants to keep track of an umbrella all day at a festival. But a poncho, on the other hand, can be folded up and stored in a small backpack or something like that. (Hint hint we actually have really great ponchos for sale at the Visitor Center in Downtown Franklin or online here!)

Fanny Pack

7. Fanny Pack

Don’t laugh. Fanny packs are back! And when you’re planning out how to have the best experience possible at a music festival like Pilgrimage, personal storage space is essential! You want to be able to get past the security check point with as much ease as possible and a fanny pack was invented for just such an occasion. Now I know what you might be thinking, fanny packs are silly. Well, you’re right and I don’t care. I’ll be sporting one loud and proud carrying all my essentials. Laugh at me if you will, I’m pretty convinced I’ve got the better end of the bargain. 

8. Battery Chargers

Don’t you hate it when you’re out all day and the battery on your smart phone runs out and you’re nowhere near a charger? Well, don’t let that happen at Pilgrimage this year. With all the photos, videos and social media fun to be had, batteries drain super fast. So come prepared with a battery pack or two for a little extra juice.

9. Wipes

This is a no brainer. Festivals get hot. They get sticky and when it comes time to take care of business, bringing your own wipes is the secret to success. Plus they come in extremely handy when you’re wanting to clean your hands or face. There once was a day when I didn’t know this trick of the festival-going trade, but those days are no more and I’ll never go back. You won’t either.

Travel Plans

10. Travel & Parking plans

Great experiences are all about planning ahead of time, right? Take a look at the map below, and you’ll be able to see the North and South parking areas clearly, but you’ll also notice there are canoe landings and a bike zone too. So whether you want to drive and park your car, walk or ride your bike from downtown Franklin, or travel down the Harpeth in your kayak or canoe, Pilgrimage has you covered.

Pilgrimage Music Festival Map 2017


Don’t be an idiot. Know the rules. Be sure to check out this list of things NOT to bring to Pilgrimage. The last thing anyone wants to experience at a festival like Pilgrimage is getting kicked out or asked to leave and we don’t want that either. So be smart and have a great time and if you get the chance, stop by the Visitor Center in downtown Franklin, we’d LOVE to welcome you to Franklin, Tennesee!

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