5 Ways to Have Your Best Spring Break Trip EVER

There’s no better feeling than rolling the windows down, music blaring on that first Spring day…except maybe taking that spring break trip you’ve been planning all winter.

Spring is finally in the air and spring break planning is in full swing! Put those jackets and sweaters away, shake off that dazed winter look and crawl out from under the blanket you’ve been huddling underneath. Whether you’re taking a trip with the family or a group of friends, we’ve got some valuable tips to make the most of it.

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Backroads in Franklin, Tennessee

1. Get off the beaten path

Some of the best memories are made when we get lost. Literally. Many times, you stumble upon the coolest spots by accident. Plan to get lost on your spring break adventure by checking out the back roads, local dives and little shops along the way.

David Arms Gallery in Leiper's Fork

2. Slow down

I’ll admit it. I’m a planner. I like to know what we’re doing and when we’re doing it, mainly because I want to maximize the amount of fun we’re having on vacation. I hate to feel like we’re wasting time, but that leads to needing a vacation after vacation. I often have the best time when I slow down and don’t overschedule. Leave plenty of open time to wander and do whatever your heart desires at the moment. Say it with me now… be flexible!

Visitor Information about Franklin, Tennessee

3. Take recommendations

Do a little research before you go. Ask friends for restaurant recommendations and review TripAdvisor ratings. Or, pop into the city’s Visitor Center to get tips on the best things to do around town. A small amount of prep will go a long way.

Date Night in Franklin

4. Unplug

I know, I know. It’s everyone’s mantra at the moment, but it’s true! Make a conscious effort to put down your phone and interact with the people around you. You will find yourself relaxing more and truly living in the moment. Even if there’s a “no phone” rule only during meals, it will make a big difference. Those Instagram followers can wait!

Franklin, Tennessee is a great vacation destination for families during Spring Break.

5. Let the kids decide (or send the kids to grandma’s!)

If you’re taking a family trip, let the kids get involved with the planning. Give them some choices and let them pick the activity or restaurant. Or- take a whole day and let them drive the agenda. (That is, if you’re OK with eating candy for all three meals.) I will also leave you with an entirely different recommendation…send the kids to grandma’s! Adult spring break, anyone?

What is your number one tip for spring break bliss? I want to hear in the comments below!