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5 Ways to Make Mother’s Day Great in Franklin!

5 Ways to Make Mother’s Day Great in Franklin!

Moms are special. No doubt about it. I wouldn’t be here without mine and one of my favorite quotes about moms is from the original, the unique, and always on point – Dorothy of the Golden Girls.

“It’s not easy being a mother. If it were easy, fathers would do it.” —Dorothy of the Golden Girls

Dorothy on the Golden Girls

I mean, that’s some serious wisdom right there. Not to mention, hopefully, I just Rickrolled you with that theme song now on repeat in your head.

No, but seriously as a father of three, I can’t think of anything I experience now with my own kids I don’t look back and connect to the seeds my mom planted deep in my soul. I can still hear her saying, “One day you’ll be saying the same thing to your kids.” And you know what? She was right!

Adorable photo of Josh

So while you enjoy the adorable photo of yours truly with my mom and sister above, and with Mother’s Day coming up, the team here at Visit Franklin conducted some super scientific research (meaning we thought really hard) and came up with seven ways to make Mother’s Day great.

Here we go!

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White's Mercantile is a gift shop and general store located in Historic Downtown Franklin, TN

Leave Me Alone Day

Need I say more? The title just about covers it, right? Undoubtedly we’ve all experienced the most common phrase any child loves to put on repeat; “Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom…” which is why perhaps the best way to make Mother’s Day great is to give them the day off, no strings attached. If there’s a female version of Braveheart somewhere, then Michelle Gibson (see what I did there?) is surely screaming “F-R-E-E-D-O-M” at the top of her lungs. Whether it’s a day spent at the spa (like Woodhouse Day Spa in Franklin) or a shopping excursion on Main Street at Philanthropy or White’s Mercantile, giving your spouse or Mom a day completely to themselves is hardly a difficult decision for all they do for us!

Family Adventure with Pedego

Family Adventures

Just like no two mothers are alike, not every mother’s dream Mother’s Day plays out like the above. In fact, making Mother’s Day a treat could involve a family adventure together. Between taking a Pedego group tour to Leiper’s Fork and back or challenging one another across the heights of SOAR, there are a ton of family adventures to be had around Franklin, Tennessee. There are a ton of great parks and hiking trails around Williamson County as well where you could plan out an entire afternoon full of adventure for the whole family. Top off the day enjoying the sunset at Arrington Vineyards and a basket of goodies from Simply Living Life, and you’re sure to make a memory that’ll last forever.

Attempt a New Adventure in Franklin

Girlfriends Getaway

Hollywood pretty much nailed this in the movie ‘Girls Trip’ but few things say celebration like gathering with friends and planning out a day (or weekend) of fun in Franklin, Tennessee. Take your pick from any of the great cottages in Leiper’s Fork and plan out the most fabulous girls getaway with a few of your besties.

A Moment's Peace Salon & Day Spa

The Just Say Yes

This one’s sounds exactly like it suggests. It’s the ask Mom and no matter the answer, just say “Yes” option. For example, my friend Sue says, the thing she’d want most is a one-hour foot massage from Aqua Foot Care in Cool Springs. That may personally gross you out, but again, it’s not up to you, remember? This is the just say yes way of making Mother’s Day great.

Franklin Flower

The Lame-o aka Traditionalist

Public shaming aside, not everyone accesses their inner creativity as much as others so if simple flowers, candle, a card and some candy is your thing, then I suppose this option could (and I use that word loosely) suffice, although I offer no guarantee it’ll make Mother’s Day great. I’m pretty sure if this option had a commercial it most likely would be similar to one of those pharma commercials with the unending list of possible side effects at the end so choose wisely!

If none of the above resonate, then be sure to check out the specials we’ll be offering at the Visitor Center like the Franklin Fashionista consisting of one of our canvas tote plus a Franklin hat with a #FranklinTN T-shirt all for only $65.

Oh, and if by now you haven’t teared up just a little thinking about Mom, then enjoy the video above. It’s a couple years old now, but we still love it! And finally don’t forget to post your photos online and tag us, no matter how you celebrate so we can join you in making Mother’s Day great!


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