6 Favorite Travel Blogs You Need to be Following

I think we can all agree, the best part about travel is seeing somewhere new, experiencing things for the first time and making those memories that last a lifetime. If only we could do that every day, right? Here in the real world, we have to balance out our travel and adventure with the day-to-day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t let our imaginations wander a bit and daydream about that next adventure.

As a lifelong travel loving, photo taking media nerd, it is no surprise that one of my favorite past times is flipping through travel magazines and reading travel blogs. I do my best daydreaming and travel planning when I read the work of those who have fully immersed themselves into a destination, gotten off the beaten path and maybe even found that hole-in-the-wall BBQ joint only the locals know about. 

We try to provide that same inspiration here on the Visit Franklin blog, and if it’s been a while since your last visit I think you’ll love some of the latest features and fun things coming up soon! OK, shameless plug over, now on to the blogs that are currently atop my RSS feed.

Camels and Chocolate

I can’t lie, I’ve been a big fan of Kristin Luna for quite some time now. Not only is she a fellow born-and-bread Tennessean but I first learned of her work through her book Tennessee Curiosities that shares quirky and unique stories from all across my beloved Volunteer State. Having traveled to all corners of the state myself, it’s nice that someone documented all those great “that can’t be real” moments and stops along the way. That led me to her blog, and I’ve been following her adventures around the world ever since. When I’m planning a trip now, Camels and Chocolate is one of my go-to research spots to see if Kristin has explored where I’m thinking about yet. If it’s local, fun or craft brewed, Kristin, is going to find it.

I’m also thrilled that we’ve gotten to work with Kristin here at Visit Franklin as well. She was in town for a day of exploring Franklin’s history, and it has us ready to get out and explore our backyard even more! 

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Matt Ginella

So, technically, it is not a blog but if there is one person in the travel industry I’d most want to trade places with it is Matt Ginella. He is the travel correspondent for the Golf Channel, and loosely his job title goes something like, “get paid to check out the coolest places in the game of golf all around the world.” I don’t know how well that fits on a business card, but I’d certainly give it a shot. 

Matt is the guy that heads into PGA TOUR stops early to check out what else there is to do in the cities the world’s best are teeing it up that week. He also travels to some of the unique places you and I can take an 18 hole stroll and dives deep into what makes iconic golf destinations so spectacular. For any golf fan Matt’s work is truly a must follow and fair warning, his Instagram feed is the definition of FOMO! 

The Planet D

The husband and wife duo, Dave & Deb, do a tremendous job of showing how real life people like you and me can have remarkable travel adventures. I love the premise behind their blog that you don’t have to be an “uber-athlete, adrenaline junkie or part of the ultra rich to be and adventurer.” In the eight years, they’ve been traveling and telling stories they have a little something for everyone. One post they may be hanging with Royal Bengal Tigers in India, followed by 72 hours in San Francisco, or kayaking around glaciers. 

More than just recaps of their adventures, Dave & Deb also give lots of practical knowledge on “how to travel” from their experiences living out of suitcases. 

Skift’s Team Blog

Skift is the largest industry intelligence platform in the travel industry. In short, they decipher what the most popular global travel trends are. They are a great resource for all the latest news on the business side of travel, but that’s not the only reason I have their site bookmarked. The blog sharing the stories of the Skift staff is a must read. 

This is where the people most immersed in the travel world share their best (and worst) travel experiences, the favorite things their reading and fun stories from around their offices. Pretty much, this a collection of the fun people to talk with at a cocktail party, sharing their stories with the world! 

Bucket List Journey

You know that bucket list of places you’ve always wanted to visit and experiences you’ve always wanted to have but were afraid to try? What if you could just write them all down, then take the world along with you as you check each of them off? That is exactly what Annette over at Bucket List Journey is doing! 

The chef and owner of an Italian restaurant in California made a second career out of knocking all 881 (and counting) items off her bucket list. I love following along as she and her husband tell the stories of their incredible adventures like swimming with the pigs in the Bahamas, kayaking with whales and even becoming a dog sled musher. If you need a little inspiration to start crossing items off your bucket list, Annette’s journey should do just the trick!

Ken Kaminesky

One of the best ways to find travel inspiration, for me at least, is a beautiful photo. Anyone can hold up their phone and capture a moment, but there is a real art to capturing those “iconic” images. Enter, Ken Kaminesky. If you’ve looked at a National Geographic or countless other publications around the world in recent years, then you’ve seen his work. 

On his blog, he takes you inside the world of what it takes to get those incredible shots, and for the camera gearheads like me out there, he also talks about what equipment and techniques he’s using. No matter your level of photography skill, just looking through his work will make you want to book a ticket to see some of these amazing places for yourself.  

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So what blogs do you turn to for inspiration? Have you ever read a post about a location and immediately booked a trip? [Raises hand]

Matthew Maxey