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Want To Be A Visit Franklin Ambassador? Here’s How!

Want To Be A Visit Franklin Ambassador? Here’s How!

If you’re reading this, chances are you are one of the hundreds of thousands of passionate fans and followers of Franklin, Tennessee. You’re the kind of person friends and family go to for advice on how to spend a day in Franklin. Maybe you’ve even been told a time or two you could lead your own Franklin tour! Or maybe you’re the guy or gal who doesn’t know much about the area, but you want to join the cool kids club (we get it). Either way, you want to share Franklin with others…officially. “How?” you ask.

Well, look no further than the Visit Franklin Ambassador Program.

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This program was designed with people just like you in mind: those who want to become Franklin “experts” to give visitors a good dose of southern hospitality, the kind of southern hospitality you only find in Franklin and Williamson County. During this program, you will not only learn about Franklin and Williamson County, but you will experience this area firsthand because, let’s be honest, personal experience is everything.

If you’re still not convinced that becoming a Visit Franklin Ambassador is for you (trust me, it is) let me walk you through the program a bit to give you a taste of what it looks like to become a certified Visit Franklin Ambassador.

Let’s get started!

Visit Franklin Ambassador Program

Free Lunch and Franklin Swag

First things first, you will receive a personal invitation from yours truly to come to the Old Old Jail in Downtown Franklin. You will spend 45 minutes learning about what makes Franklin and Williamson County thrive, getting to know fellow future Ambassadors, and eating a free and seriously yummy lunch. (You’ll also get a ton of cool Franklin swag).

Meet the Merchants

Meet the Merchants

Next, you will join your new best friends on a 1.5-hour walking tour of Downtown Franklin. You’ll learn about what has been and what will be and everything in between. You’ll even get the chance to personally meet some of the Downtown Franklin merchants and get a peek inside some of the most iconic spots in Franklin.

Download the Visit Franklin Mobile App!

Trolley Tour

Trolley Tour

After you get acquainted with Franklin’s Great American Main Street we will whisk you away on a 2-hour trolley tour across Williamson County. You’ll learn how Leiper’s Fork got its name.

You’ll see where 40,000 troops invaded Franklin during the Civil War. You’ll even get to savor the taste of some of the most decadent cookies in Franklin.

But wait, there’s more!

At the end of the day, you will deserve your new title as a Certified Visit Franklin Ambassador. You will receive your very own Franklin, Tennessee Ambassador lapel pin that will designate you a Franklin expert who knows their stuff.

You will receive an Ambassador discount card that will be your VIP ticket to attractions and shops across the county. You will also receive an official certificate signed by Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson, City of Franklin Mayor Ken Moore, and Visit Franklin President and CEO Ellie Westman Chin certifying you as an official Visit Franklin Ambassador. You also get to take a cool picture with all your fellow Ambassadors!

Become a Visit Franklin Ambassador!

Classes are filling up fast and are limited to 25 people. So, what are you waiting for? 

Sign up right now, if nothing else, at least do it for bragging rights. I hope to see you soon!

2017 Visitor Guides are now available in Franklin, Tennessee


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