Before You Forget, Here are 10 Things to Pack for Pilgrimage

Hopefully, by now you’re committed and will soon be making the pilgrimage to Franklin, Tennessee for Pilgrimage Festival September 22-23rd at The Park at Harlinsdale Farm.

If not, stop what you’re doing and click here to purchase your tickets. You’ll be glad you did. This year’s headliners include Chris Stapleton, Jack White, Lionel Richie, Dave Matthews, and Tim Reynolds, Brandi Carlile, Counting Crows, and so many more!

One thing sure to disrupt any great experience is lack of planning which is why we here at Visit Franklin have taken it upon ourselves to thoroughly experiment, testing and re-testing for three years now, the quintessential things you need to pack for Pilgrimage Festival.

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So read on friends, and be sure to take notes because what follows is the super official, must-have, qualitatively-proven packing list for Pilgrimage Festival which should serve as your guide for how to have the best experience possible at Pilgrimage this year.

Don't forget your fanny pack!

Courtesy of Amazon

1. Fanny Pack

I’m not sure how exactly they put a picture of my abs on this fanny pack (uh, ask for permission next time, duh!) but everything you’ll need has to be carried somehow, and there just isn’t a better way to live your best life than with a fanny pack.

For those of you who think fanny packs are silly and ridiculous, you’re wrong. Fanny packs are back and pretty much the coolest thing since #dadbod.

Bring a water bottle!

Courtesy of Vapur

2. Water Bottle

Collapsible water bottles are all the rage right now, but anything you can carry around all day will work just fine. The great news is Pilgrimage has tons of water refill stations all over The Park at the Harlinsdale, so whatever water bottle you bring will come in handy! The last thing anyone wants is a dehydrated festival-goer, right?

Yes, don't forget a hat or bandanna!

Pilgrimage 2017 by Nathan Zucker

3. Hat or Bandana

Why is he so excited in the photo above? Because he remembered to bring a hat that’s why. Obviously, a bandana will do just fine, but speaking from experience, as a man with a little less hair up top than he’s comfortable with, don’t forget the importance of covering the dome.

Don't forget your sunscreen.

4. Sunscreen

Unfortunately, there are many sad tales to tell here from the more lightly-complected members of the festival research team at Visit Franklin. Learn from our mistakes, pack lots of sunscreen! You’ll be glad you did.

Pilgrimage gives the perfect photos.

Courtesy of @kayculp on IG

5. Battery pack

You’ll be snapping and posting a lot of photos, putting out that ole #FOMO vibe to all your friends who chose NOT to come with you, so naturally packing a rechargeable battery pack will come in handy.

Plus you don’t want to miss out on those surprise guest artist appearances Pilgrimage Festival has become known for!

The food at Pilgrimage is delish!

6. Snacks

Not to boast here, but I’ve always had an excellent natural snack game. And when it comes to Pilgrimage, you’ll want to experience the food at the festival (it’s always been really, really good), but you’ll also want to pack a few goodies too.

Dress for comfort at Pilgrimage.

7. Comfiness

This one is more of a general head’s up because we’ve all seen those folks who show up to events and festivals clearly out of touch with their environment.

If you’re going to be at a festival, and want to enjoy every moment, plan ahead and plan to be comfortable. But if you’re going to ignore the sage wisdom here, feel free, just be sure to at least wear comfortable shoes!

Everyone wants a photo with JT at Pilgrimage!

8. Wipes

Don’t laugh. This could make or break your entire Pilgrimage Festival experience. I think you’re picking up what I’m putting down.

9. Pilgrimage & Visit Franklin Apps

Want to customize and plan out your entire weekend in Franklin, Tennessee for Pilgrimage Festival? Then you’ll definitely want to download both the Visit Franklin mobile app and the Pilgrimage Festival app.

Between these two apps, you’ll be able to plan and execute everything from who’s playing what stage when, how to pick the best spot to stay in town and where to grab that after-pilgrimage nightcap.

Don't forget to plan for parking at Pilgrimage!

10. Plan for parking

If you’re not quite sure how you’re planning on getting to The Park at Harlinsdale, or if your plans are flexible, then we encourage you to take a Lyft.

They make it super easy and will save you time and energy, but if you’re planning to drive and park then definitely plan ahead and pack your parking pass! Plus don’t forget our Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival playlist on Spotify!

Friends at Pilgrimage

Bonus: Friends

We all know everything is better with a company of friends so whether you’re planning on coming by yourself or you’re bringing some compadres with you, have no fear, Pilgrimage is a great experience for the whole family, and you’ll be sure to meet a few new friends in Franklin, Tennessee!

Josh Collins