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Couple enjoying Leiper's Fork, TN

Now is Your Time To Experience Franklin For Yourself!

When it comes down to it, I think most of us would say that we value our time above everything else. Many of us are desperate for more time, but we don’t even realize how badly we need it… until we actually get away. 

It’s that long weekend or week-long vacation with family and friends that renews our spirit and refocuses our mind. It’s that no-agenda, spur of the moment trip that makes us feel alive again.

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Feel alive again in Franklin, Tennessee

It all comes down to slowing down and carving out the time to experience new things with those you love. It’s simple, right? It should be, but the undertow of every day pulls us back into our lives of work and traffic, dinners and ball practice until we realize we need to come up for air.

Come up for air in Franklin, Tennessee!

The memories created away from our everyday lives are often the ones that are most cherished. We asked you back in the fall to tell us about your most memorable vacation moments, and you blew us away. We could see how this time away with family and friends is so incredibly important to you.

I wanted to share a few of our favorite quotes from the entries here: 

“Sitting lakeside with my daughter, watching the sunset.”

“Climbing a mountain with my boyfriend and coming back down with my fiance.”

“It was a lazy summer day, sitting on the front porch of a down-home distillery with my parents and sipping some tasty Tennessee whiskey while taking in the views of green pastures all around.”

“Surprising my kids when we were halfway to Disney. At that time they had no idea where we were going!”

“Being a dairy farm family and not being able to go on a family vacation I will never forget the first time we were able to get on a plane and go to paradise, St. John USVI. I was a dream come true.”

“Trip to Northern Ireland. After many years researching family genealogy, my two sisters and I traveled to NI to see our ancestors home in NI. An amazing trip and one that I hope to repeat in the near future.”

“My husband and I took a trip to the Grand Canyon. I remember looking down and saying “lets never waste a moment on life, let’s make every day an adventure.” We stood up, hugged, kissed and promised to always live life to its fullest.”

When you find yourself ready to slow down and take some time, check out Franklin, Tennessee with those you love, as shown in our newest video below. We’ll be here waiting for you.


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