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David Braud rides a bike in Franklin, Tennessee

The Complete Guide to an awesome bike adventure in #FranklinTN

Today is Bike to Work Day! Shouldn’t every day be?

If you were #blessed like me, you had huge dirt mounds and construction sites in your neighborhood growing up. You built jumps and berms. You may have even built bonfires to bunny-hop over like you were Evil Knievel.

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Bikes have been part of my life from as early as I can remember. The Christmas mornings with bikes under the tree were the only ones worth remembering.

Walking is for fools – and running for the most foolish. The wheel is the greatest invention of all time. Let the Queen song “Bicycle” play in the recesses of your mind as you recall the feeling of your pedals locking into a rhythm for the first time – overcoming gravity with each downstroke of the cranks.

If you haven’t ridden in a while, there is no time like the present. Using this two-wheeled human-powered transportation device is a freedom like no other in our modern age of pervasive technology and petroleum-based existence.

Gas prices keep going up so why not stick it to the man and simply burn calories to fuel your commute. Unplug, slow down, look and listen to what’s around. At the end of your days, you won’t say “I wish I would have driven more and biked less.”

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You can rent a bike from Pedego Electric Bicyles in Franklin, Tennessee.

Where to Bike in Franklin

Although Franklin isn’t Portland or Minneapolis, there are plenty of great rides nearby. In addition to peddling through Downtown Franklin to get to your favorite coffee shops or restaurants, you can also save on your therapy bill by taking rides out Del Rio Pike, Carter’s Creek Pike, or my all-time favorite Big East Fork Road.

If you want to stay closer to town, Lewisburg Pike (and Eastern Flank Battlefield Park), Harlinsdale Park, and the Franklin Greenway along the Harpeth (trailhead at Farrier Lane and Hillsboro Rd) are all fantastic places to ride.

Franklin, Tennessee is bike friendly, with plenty of trails, rental bikes, and races!

Can I Rent a Bike?

You sure can! Our friends at Pedego Electric Bikes offer electric bike rentals by the hour or day. While biking may seem impractical to some due to hills (we’ve got a lot of those here in Tennessee!), distance, or health concerns, Pedego electric bikes make cycling easy!

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Pedego offers a guided group ride from Downtown Franklin to Leiper’s Fork. This is a 25-30 mile ride round trip on scenic country back roads. Don’t worry – there will be snack breaks and photo ops!

Franklin, Tennessee is bike friendly, with plenty of trails, rental bikes, and races!

Are there any bike races in Franklin?

Whether your an experienced cyclist looking for a challenge or someone who is new in the world of cycling, you can join in on the annual Harpeth River Ride each June. The Harpeth River Ride winds through scenic Williamson County and offers classic 44-mile routes, a Metric Century (66 miles), and a Century ride (100 miles).

Life is rushing by so fast for most of us;  jumping on your bike instead of into your car is an excellent change of pace. Kudos to Frothy Monkey for the bike racks out front. And if you need a tune-up, visit the guys at MOAB Bike Shop as they’ve taken care of me plenty of times.

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Be safe and have fun!

(Photos, in order of listing, were shot by Adam Sanner & David Braud)


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