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Join us in the #FranklinBucketList Challenge!

I don’t know about you, but I think I make the same three resolutions every January – to eat better, exercise more, and travel far. Besides the traveling part, I fail miserably at all my resolutions come Valentine’s Day, when I’m loaded up on Sweethearts and the cold weather just makes me want to lay on the couch and watch Netflix, rather than jump on the treadmill.

Instead of making those resolutions again for 2017, I’ve created the ultimate #FranklinTN Bucket List for 2017. This year, I won’t be bogged down by how many pounds I’ve lost (or gained!), but instead, I’ll be celebrating all the new experiences I’ve had throughout Williamson County!

Now, I want you guys to hold me accountable, just like I want to hold you accountable. So click below to print the bucket list, and keep us in the know! Tag your bucket list progress with #FranklinBucketList and we’ll do the same!

Click here to download the printable bucket list!

The Honeysuckle in Franklin, Tennessee offers Southern Flavors with a twist

Try a New Restaurant

Williamson County has tons of delicious restaurants, many of which I frequent. During lunch, you can usually find me at Pieology in Downtown Franklin, and I often grab dinner at Local Taco in Brentwood. Don’t get my wrong, I love my regular haunts, but this year, let’s try something new! From foreign fare at Bombay Bistro to classic Southern flavors at The Honeysuckle, Williamson County has literally hundreds of restaurants. There’s really no excuse to not try something new in 2017. And who knows, maybe you’ll find your new favorite lunch spot!

Find Restaurants

SOAR Adventure Tower offer obstacles of all sizes for people of all ages!

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

My biggest fear: heights. My second biggest fear: heights. When SOAR Adventure Tower opened in 2014, I told the rest of the Visit Franklin team, “I will NEVER do that.” Well, this year, I’m going to step outside my comfort zone and try something I’d never do – climb at SOAR Adventure Tower!

Ghost Tours in Franklin, Tennessee are perfect for Halloween!

Face Your Fears

My third biggest fear: Ghosts – and Franklin is full of them! This year, I’m going to hop on Franklin on Foot’s Haunted Franklin Tour to not only face my fear of ghosts – but to learn a little bit more about all the history here in Franklin. Maybe I won’t have nightmares when I get home – fingers crossed!

Jamie from Visit Franklin poses in front of the Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge

Take an Iconic Profile Photo

I’ve had the same Instagram profile photo since I got Instagram. This year, I’m going to take a new photo and it’s going to be BIG! Big like the Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge. In fact, I think I’ll take it in front of the Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge! Spots like Downtown Franklin, Carnton Plantation, and Crockett Park are great for other iconic #FranklinTN photos!

Grace Potter performed at the 2016 Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival

Dance at Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival

Year 1 was incredible. Year 2 was unforgettable. I can only imagine that Year 3 is going to be better than ever! Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival is returning to Franklin, Tennessee on September 22 (yep, that’s a Friday!) for a three-day event and I’m already counting down the days (254 to be exact) until I can dance with 10,000 of my closest friends! By the way, have you seen my dance moves? They’re pretty great!

Group painting pottery at Third Coast Clay in Franklin, Tennessee

Get Creative

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to do anything creative. However – painting isn’t exactly “my thing.” I’m more of a pencil and paper type of creative. However, painting pottery at Third Coast Clay is super relaxing – not to mention a ton of fun! So this year, I’ll grab some friends and paint on a Saturday morning, instead of vegging out in front of the TV for hours on edge.

Leiper's Fork Distillery offers guided tours and tastings Tuesday-Saturday

Have a Spirited Adventure

This is for my 21+ friends. I don’t know if you know this, but Williamson County is home to many distilleries, wineries, and breweries – so many, that I haven’t had a chance to try them all. This year, I’m getting to them all – from touring the new Mill Creek Brewery in Nolensville to sipping a glass of wine at Arrington Vineyards, you’ll find me on a spirited adventure in 2017!

Paddle Dog Adventures offers canoeing trips in Franklin, Tennessee

Get Physical

Okay – so I said I wasn’t going to worry about how many pounds of lost (or gained) this year, and that was partially true. While I’m not going to stress about eating super healthy in 2017, I am going to focus on having a little more fun when I exercise. With Paddle Dog Adventures, I’ll be cruising down the Little Harpeth, enjoying the scenery, and burning calories while I’m at it.

Music City Pickers Live! happens every Thursday at the Little Brick Theatre

Listen (to music) More

You can find live music in Williamson County every night of the week – and we’re talking multiple genres here – from blues to punk rock. I tend to fall into the same listening patterns – lots of Jason Isbell, not a lot of anything else. This year, I’m going to go out and explore some new genres, starting with singer-songwriter performances at Music City Pickers LIVE!

Check out Music Venues

The Tennessee Renaissance Festival happens each May in Triune, near Franklin, Tennessee

Dress Up

No, I don’t mean a ball gown or a tuxedo. I mean a corset and a tiara. Yeah, I’m talking about the Tennessee Renaissance Festival! Not only does the Tennessee Renaissance Festival give me a chance to dress up in a crazy outfit, it also gives me an excuse to eat a delicious turkey leg with my hands and not feel bad about it. Don’t have a costume planned yet? Don’t worry, you’ve got until the first Saturday in May, so get to work!

The Million Dollar Quartet have roots along the Americana Music Triangle

Explore the Triangle

My husband and I travel a ton. Every weekend, we’re on the road for a show he’s playing, a friend’s wedding, or a family getaway. Instead of driving straight through to get to our next destination, I’ll be planning stops along the Americana Music Triangle. The Triangle encompasses Nashville to Memphis to New Orleans and back and includes all the music-rich towns in between. First stop: Elvis Presley’s Birthplace in Tupelo, MS!

What else is on your 2017 #FranklinBucketList? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below!


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