How to Best Celebrate a BirthMONTH in Franklin

You know those people who don’t like their birthday?  The ones who have no problem participating or even planning parties for others but when it comes to their own birthday, they shy away from any attention or festivities?  The ones that insist they’d rather have your “presence” rather than “presents”? 

Yeah, well, that’s not me!

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about ambiance so a nice dinner party with your presence and not a single gift, even if it’s wrapped with cute twine and a calligraphy name tag on it, won’t disappoint me.  But I also wouldn’t refuse…

I openly admit I don’t get it!  I can only think of one birthday tradition I could do without.  The song.  I don’t love a group of people singing to me in the same way I don’t want a solo serenade.  Awkward….forcing a, “Oh my, who me?” delightful smile for the longest 20 seconds of your life is hard work.  Unless, however, it was Coldplay.  But really, what’s a birthday without a HBD song?  So, it’s one of those things that come with the package and without it would seem rather unofficial. 

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Speaking of birthdays; mine was two weeks ago.  July 11th to be exact and don’t worry if you didn’t get me something, there is still time!  July in my house is referred to as my BirthMONTH.  I know what you’re thinking… “the expectations!  Her poor family/friends!  Her husband must have a lot of pressure!” But alas, it’s not like that.  In my case, it is the thought that counts.  I am forgetful myself at times (it’s taken me 37 years to admit that), so I have lots of grace for those who forget.  BUT, if you DO remember, boy, does that mean a lot to me.  It’s the fact that someone took time out of their day to think of me, write a card, pick flowers from their garden and put them in a jar to display in my kitchen.  It’s the homemade, “This Coupon is Good for a 5 Minute Hug” from my non-cuddly child that makes my day and makes me look forward to being another year older.

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With that said, there are so many fun ways to spend your birthMONTH around here!  If you’re looking for those freebies and discounts from all your favorite restaurants or a good reason to plan that weekend getaway to Franklin, Tennessee, here are few that took the time to “think” about your birthday (via automated email list).  It will take a birthMONTH to take advantage of them all! 

Heather celebrating her birthday in Franklin, TN

Here’s how I’ve been celebrating!

On my actual birthday, I met up with a couple of friends for apps and drinks at Gray’s on Main in Downtown Franklin after work and was graced with their delicious Banana Pudding.  It’s the way they celebrate their birthday guests, and it is certainly a celebration in itself.  It comes in a jar y’all, what’s not to love?  Since then, my girlfriend and I went to Granite City where I used my free birthday entrée coupon and enjoyed that with an ice-cold Prairie Vixen (Hefeweizen) on the patio.  A few days later, I introduced my friend visiting from California to fried pickles and apple cobbler with my half priced appetizer and free cobbler coupon from Puckett’s Grocery.  Diet starts in August, I promise. I still have five more days to fit in more…

Now it’s your turn…

Here are a few other ways you can spend your birthday around here. Be sure to check out each location’s website and sign up for their newsletters to make sure you receive these birthday deals.

Granite City is a brewery in Franklin, TN

Granite City

Free entrée!

On your birthday, you can get free banana pudding at Gray's on Main in Franklin, TN

Gray’s on Main

Free banana pudding!

Puckett’s Grocery

Half price appetizer and free pie or cobbler!

Uncle Julio’s

Chocolate Piñata.  Does it even need an explanation?  A ball made of chocolate, suspended from a hook, filled with sweet treats and fruit, to which you gently whack to release its yummy goodness! 

Pueblo Real

Free tequila shot for the (21 and over) birthday boy/girl and a special treat to follow.  Bring your friends here and be sure to get the camera ready!  Surprise, surprise…

Panera Bread

Free pastry item!

Nothing Bundt Cakes in Franklin, TN offers a free bundlet on your birthday

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Free bundlet!


Free drink within two days of your birthday!

Great American Cookie

Free slice of cookie cake!  Yum!

Krispy Kreme

Free coffee & donut!

Mellow Mushroom

$5 off your meal!

First Watch

Free entrée!


Free pizza!

Coupons for the win!

…in-between taking advantage of all these sweet treats, be sure to spend some time signing up for all these great birthday clubs and hit up these great deals as well:

The Visitor Center in Franklin, TN offers a birthday discount.

Visitor Center

Our very own Visitor Center will send you a $5 off merchandise purchase!

ReFresh Home

10 percent off coupon!


$5 off one pair of shoes!

The Loft

$10 off your purchase!

Anthopologie in Downtown Franklin, TN offers a discount for your birthday


15 percent off one item!


One free movie rental!

Woodhouse Day Spa

20 percent off a treatment of your choice!

2017 Visitor Guides are now available in Franklin, Tennessee

On your next day off be sure to also do a google search of birthday promos in your area, and you’ll be amazed at all there is to offer. Until then, Happy Birthday to me and you!

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