Tastemaker Tips: Simple steps to the ULTIMATE Gin Cocktail

We all know that “wow” feeling when a bartender sets our favorite cocktail or their latest over the top creation down in front of us. But what about the cocktails you craft at home? Are they making your friends say “ooh” and “ahh” or are they quietly spitting them in the sink when you aren’t watching?

If it is the latter, well don’t worry, you are not alone. To help learn how to craft the perfect springtime cocktail we turned to a local expert, Kaylee Millikan, from The Glass Bar at Homestead Manor. They are known for their cocktails with a fresh twist, so who better to learn a great spring cocktail from right?

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Cocktails at Homestead Manor in Thompson's Station, Tennessee

In the spirit of something that is fun, light, and “like a sip of springtime in a glass” Kaylee introduced us to the Chartreuse 75. A gin-based drink, everything included in the recipe is easily found at your local grocery and/or liquor store.


Here’s what you need:

1.5oz of H Clark Gin

1/4oz of Green Chartreuse

1/2oz of Oleo Saccharum (simple syrup)

1/2oz of Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice

Top off with Champagne

Cocktails at Homestead Manor in Thompson's Station, Tennessee

Kaylee also shared a few of her best tips for making this, and any cocktail, at home.


At Homestead Manor, they love using local products for their cocktail creations, and luckily for them, they are located mere yards from H Clark Distillery. While using H Clark gin is a no-brainer wherever you are, for this Chartreuse 75 it is a must!


The key to any great cocktail is the freshness of the ingredients. The spirits included will carry their weight, but the difference maker in the Chartreuse 75 is that they use only freshly squeezed lemon juice and crafted their own simple syrup. Just like when you are making a meal or anything else, the fresher the ingredients the better the end result.


After you have crafted the Chartuese 75, all that is left now is the sit back with friends and enjoy it!

Now that you’ll be perfecting your own cocktails at home, the next time you are visiting Franklin, Tennessee a stop in at The Glass Bar at Homestead Manor to see how they compare. What is your go-to spring cocktail or favorite spot for a drink in Franklin? Let us know in the comments below!

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