Tested and Approved: A Field Guide to 9 of Franklin’s Best Burgers

I’m just going to assume you’re already planning a trip to Franklin, Tennessee because typically as soon as people hear about what a great community Williamson County is, they immediately begin making plans to experience it for themselves.
And one of the best parts about traveling is researching and planning out things to do like where the best places to eat are or the secret local coffee shops to get that perfectly roasted cup of heaven.
So since I know you’re already planning one evening out strolling down Franklin’s historic Main Street, allow me to help with some research on the dining experience front.
Yes, it’s a hard job but someone has to do it and by that I mean I volunteered.
Using some very sophisticated Facebook polls, and several hundred calories, I’ve compiled a list producing this field guide to 11 of Franklin’s best burgers. (Don’t worry I can always diet later and it was totally worth it!)
A word of caution as we get started, while my research may not be foolproof, rest assured, I’ve enjoyed every single one of these hot spots and think you will too.
Oh, and this list below isn’t necessarily in any particular order, I’ll allow you that fine distinction of ranking them after you visit to experience them for yourself!

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Benton's bacon burger at Cork & Cow in Franklin, Tennessee

Cork & Cow

Cork & Cow is well known as one of the best steak houses – make that best restaurants, period – in Franklin, Tennessee! How can you go to a steak house like Cork & Cow and order a burger?

Easily, when it just may be the best burger, you’ve ever put in your mouth.

The Cork & Cow burger is a house-ground tenderloin, with Benton’s bacon (a Tennessee delicacy) and truffle aioli. Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed. If you still can’t bring yourself to order a burger at Cork & Cow, order it as an appetizer and ask them to cut it into fourths for the table.

Since you are there, might as well pair it with a cocktail too. Just tell Zach behind the bar a few of your favorites then say, “surprise me.” He’s called the ‘drink whisperer’ for a reason!

Burger Up in Cool Springs

Burger Up

The Bear Creek Farm Classic with an added egg is what you’ll want to experiment with first at Burger Up. You could also choose the Bison Burger as well.

Both are strong contenders for one of the best burgers around Franklin, Tennessee. But plan to go with a friend so they can order the sweet potato fries and you can order the truffle fries.

That way you can share family style and not feel guilty. I also highly recommend the Reese’s Cup Milkshake. Reese’s is after all the best candy on the planet!

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55 South in downtown Franklin, Tennessee

55 South

Jason McConnell knocks it out of the park with 55 South on Main Street in downtown Franklin. I don’t have the words to really describe his Double Burger.

Maybe it’s the ground filet or the caramelized onions or some other secret ingredient altogether. All I know is, it’s delicious and has replaced my usual order of the Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich (Which is pretty fantastic itself, if you’re a fan of hot chicken!).

Remember, you’re already planning your trip, right? So be sure to add 55 South or Red Pony (it’s across the street and another of Jason’s great restaurants) to your agenda.

McCreary's Irish Pub in Downtown Franklin, TN has a dog-friendly patio.

McCreary’s Irish Pub

Four Words: “The Fat Irishman” Burger. That’s what you need to know. Well technically not all, get a pint or two as well, but whatever you do, don’t skip this burger at McCreary’s Irish Pub.

It’s the perfect ground chuck and brisket mix that’ll probably require a nap immediately after but will be well worth it in the long run. Plus, because McCreary’s sits right smack in the middle of Main Street in downtown Franklin, you’ll be able to walk off those extra calories as you stroll down “America’s Favorite Main Street.”

Stout Burger & Beers in Brentwood, Tennessee

Stout Burgers & Beers

Besides milkshakes, you know what goes best with a great burger? Beer of course! And Just north of Franklin in Brentwood is Stout Burgers & Beers.

Stout’s creates several burgers like the Six Weeker or the Truffle Shuffle that’ll have you thinking carefully about extending your plans a day or two so you can come back.

Every burger on the menu comes with its own suggested beer pairing so whether you’re a fan of IPA’s or a German Pilsner, you’re sure to find something you like.

Ground in Franklin, Tennessee


Another reason, why I’m hesitant to name my favorite burger joint in Franklin, is not just because there are so many but also because they’re just so stinking good.

Take Ground, for example, not only are the handmade burgers delicious, but the friendly atmosphere at both of their locations around Franklin is what every dining experience should be like in my opinion.

Both Meagan and Matthew treat you like royalty and leave you craving the next time you’ll be back! Jordan’s Sweet and Smokey BBQ Burger is what you want to order here. Why? Benton’s Bacon. That’s why.

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Puckett's Grocery & Restaurant in Franklin, Tennessee

Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant

The Mojo Burger is one of Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant’s finest lunchtime creations. The patty, the slaw, the beans… Mmmm, so so good! Normally Puckett’s is the go-to breakfast spot for most when they’re planning their adventure in Franklin, Tennessee but I’d suggest it for lunch solely to have some of that mojo rub off on you.

Then again, Puckett’s turns a great evening in downtown Franklin to 11 (any Spinal Tap fans out there?) when they feature live music Tuesday through Saturday. You’ll never know what future superstar or hit songwriter you’ll see grace the stage. Don’t miss it!

Corner Pub in Franklin, Tennessee

Corner Pub

All you need to know about Corner Pub is how to order The King. It’s what they’re known for and will give you a taste of that good ole neighborhood pub you’d expect from a place named Corner Pub.

There are two locations in Williamson County, one just south of Franklin and one in Brentwood. Either make for great experiences for the whole family!

Connor's Steak & Seafood in Franklin, Tennessee

Connor’s Steak & Seafood

Another spot in Franklin, Tennessee where you might not think of ordering the burger, the upscale menu at Connor’s Steak & Seafood range from Sushi to Steaks to Seafood and great salads as well.

But their $8 Smoky Burger during lunch is on point. Being the bacon lover I am, anytime I can try out a new burger at a new restaurant and don’t have to add bacon, I’m convinced it’s going to be good. Plus, the sweet potato fries that come with are delicious!

So there you have it! Did I leave anything off or leave anyone out? Probably, but if you’ve got a favorite I need to try, let me know in the comments below.

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