The 10 Best Spots for an Epic #FranklinTN Selfie

It may sound silly, but capturing the perfect selfie is so satisfying (just ask Kim Kardashian). There’s that “just right” angle, the light hitting your face perfectly and, of course, an amazing backdrop that can truly either make or break your selfie.

With those elements in mind and in honor of National Selfie Day, here is your guide to the top 10 best selfie spots around Franklin to ensure you walk away with a perfect selfie with #nofilter needed.

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10. Historic Neighborhood of Hincheyville

The first time I strolled down the tree-lined streets of Hincheyville I thought I was in a dream.

This was just how I pictured an old southern neighborhood: gorgeous homes, lazy magnolias, and a small creek running through the neighborhood. It’s just too perfect not to take a photo!

Rusty is a sculpture at the Factory at Franklin and makes for an excellent selfie spot

9. The Factory at Franklin

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you know one of my favorite places in Franklin is the Factory. There’s great food, great shopping, great entertainment, and great photo ops.

One of the most unique places to snap a photo is next to good ole Rusty, a 20-foot tall metal man made out of old rusted factory parts (he’s got car horns as nostrils!).

Carnton's Heirloom Garden blooms from early spring to late fall. It's a great spot for a beautiful selfie!

8. Carnton’s Heirloom Garden

The beauty of this area is unmatched and you’ll find that to be true even at Franklin’s historic Civil War homes.

One of the best selfie spots in Franklin’s history is the heirloom garden at Carnton. Perfectly manicured and incredibly romantic, this spot is perfect for a selfie with that special someone.

7. Carter House

Speaking of historic homes, an interesting selfie spot can be found at the historic Carter House in downtown Franklin.

Snap a selfie along the south side of the property where over 1,000 bullet holes riddled the buildings that still stand on this property. Carter House is known as one of the most bullet-riddled buildings in the United States still standing from the Civil War. Now that’s worth documenting!

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6. Birdsong Hollow

Capture the rolling hills of Franklin’s countryside at Birdsong Hollow. Stand atop the Double Arch Bridge on the Natchez Trace Parkway that rises over 100 feet above the valley below to catch the picturesque views of Williamson County.

Harlinsdale Farm is the epitome of scenic beauty in Downtown Franklin, Tennessee

5. Harlinsdale Farm

If you want a gorgeous landscape or the perfect sunset as your backdrop, head to Harlinsdale Farm.

This historic farm holds over 200 acres of natural beauty and all it’s missing is you!

The General Lee in Leiper's Fork, TN makes for an epic selfie background!

4. General Lee in Leiper’s Fork

One of the coolest selfie spots in my book is just outside of downtown Franklin in Leiper’s Fork.

You’ll find a replica of the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard. So, if you’re a fan of the show (or not) snap a selfie and say “Yeeeeee Haaaaa!”

Gray's on Main is home to the iconic Gray Drug Co. sign in Downtown Franklin, Tennessee

3. Gray’s on Main

Incorporate a bit of #FranklinTN nostalgia into your selfie with the iconic Gray Drug Co. sign at Gray’s on Main.

This beautifully restored three-story drug store is a great addition to your selfie collection.

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2. Harpeth River

Head out on an adventure along the Harpeth to capture the beauty of the area. Canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding…take your “pic” literally!

1. Great American Main Street (White Wall)

Franklin’s Main Street boasts plenty of amazing selfie spots as you wander among the shops and local eateries. One of my favorite spots is the white wall on the corner of 4th and Main (seriously y’all, that’s what the locals call it). The blank canvas allows you to take center stage!

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