They Were “Made To Be Makers”

We want to be different. We want to be aspirational. We want to be real. 

Those are some of the guiding principals at the core of what we do here at Visit Franklin. It’s not just a saying, we truly do thrive on interacting with our visitors and the locals that make up our special community. When people decide to visit Franklin, Tennessee and all the communities of Williamson County we want it to feel like you are coming to visit an old friend. And if we can do that in a creative way, we love it even more.

With that in mind, we want to introduce you to Through this new outlet, we can’t wait to share a variety of short documentary-style films that tell the incredible stories, highlight unique events, and introduce you to the special people that make Franklin, Tennessee one of America’s Favorite Southern Towns. We begin with a six-episode series entitled Made To Be Makers

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We believe the best stories have always been told by those who live them. Through this original series, you will get to know those behind Franklin and Williamson County’s beloved makers of culture and community. These incredible people were truly “Made To Be Makers.” 


Jason McConnell Made To Be Makers in Franklin, Tennessee

Maker No. 0001 | Jason McConnell of McConnell Hospitality Group 

Chef Jason McConnell shares how his story started with a cast iron skillet from his grandmother, then was inspired by a movie premiere at the Franklin Theatre before evolving into owning three restaurants along Main Street and being invited to cook at the famed James Beard House.


Blom Guitars Made To Be Makers in Franklin, Tennessee

Maker No. 0002 | Dan Blom, Blom Guitars

Music is a central part of the creativity around Franklin, and much of it is produced on guitars shaped by the hands of Dan Blom inside his guitar shop. Blom shares the inspirations behind his dedication to the craft of making world-class music instruments.


Five Daughters Bakery Made To Be Makers in Franklin, Tennessee

Maker No. 0003 | Isaac Meek, Five Daughters Bakery

Meek shares the story of how Five Daughters Bakery, and its famed 100 Layer Donut that has drawn national acclaim, was inspired by family and why they don’t drift far from the roots of the Franklin community. 


First District Coffee Made To Be Makers in Franklin, Tennessee

Maker No. 0004 | Elizabeth & Michah Behan, First District Coffee

More than just makers of incredible coffee creations at First District Coffee, the Behan’s share how they foster a sense of community and how they have been called to cultivate a creative environment for those looking to connect.


Southern Firefly

Maker No. 0005 | Heather Ainsworth, Southern Firefly

Ainsworth shares how Franklin inspires the enchanting aromas that are the cornerstone of her wildly successful hand poured candle operation, Southern Firefly, that now creates custom scents experienced across the globe.


Jeremy Cowart Made To Be Makers in Franklin, Tennessee

Maker No. 0006 | Jeremy Cowart, Photographer & Founder of The Purpose Hotel

Jeremy Cowart, who has been named the most influential photographer on the internet, is passionate about two things, creating and helping others. He shares how being in Franklin and the creative artists that make up the community inspire his passion.


This is just a taste of what is to come in the series, so head over to to see the series in its entirety. 

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