Vacation has ‘Gone To The Dogs’ in Franklin

There is little doubt, and anyone who has ever met me will quickly confirm, I am most certainly a planner. Every family or group of friends has at least one. You know them as that person who’s always thinking 10 minutes, 10 days, or even 10 years down the road. We really make the world go round for all you spontaneous souls (but I could be biased).

Well, January 30 is like the Super Bowl for travel-loving planners every year as it is National Plan For Vacation Day. It’s also convenient that it actually falls during Super Bowl week… almost like someone planned it that way. It is amazing the staggering number of vacation days Americans leave unused every year. 658 million unused vacation days to be exact! So to be sure you are not part of that group letting vacation days go to waste, all us planners invite you to join us for at least one day.

All the A+ students have likely been planning their 2018 vacations for weeks or months already, but for the inspiration seekers and fly by the seat of your pants travelers, let me offer you this bit of wanderlust.

A few of those unused vacation days could be used on this ultimate weekend in Franklin, Tennessee. If you’ve only got a single day to spare, we’ve still got you covered there too! Explore how music lovers, history buffs, and foodies can each make the best out of just one extra day in Franklin.

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Ready to pack your bags yet? Well, as you are planning a vacation in 2018, don’t forget your furry friends as well! As pet owners, we spend thousands of dollars a year on our four-legged family members but all too often they get left at home while their family is having fun on vacation. Don’t you think they would like to explore, or nap, somewhere new and adventurous too? Be sure to include them in your 2018 vacation plans too!

Bringing your pet along is made so easy in Franklin! As the pilot city for Mars Petcare’s national Better Cities For Pets campaign, Franklin, Tennessee is one of America’s most pet-friendly destinations!

The Visit Franklin Visitor Center in Downtown Franklin, TN is dog-friendly

As you stroll down the classic American Main Street we so dearly love right in the heart of Franklin, your dog will quickly fall in love as well! They’ll discover a place lined with fresh dog bowls outside each business, treats at most every stop, and shop owners gladly welcoming all their new furry friends through open doors.

Your furry family members will feel as though this is their vacation as well. If that’s not enough and your pup still needs a bit more convincing that this downtown doggie paradise does exist, don’t just take our word for it, let our friend City Dog Ella show you Franklin from her perspective.

Penny The Goldendoodle at the dog park in Franklin, Tennessee

For pups, and travelers as well, looking to get out of downtown Franklin there is still plenty more to enjoy. A favorite spot for my family dog, Penny the Goldendoodle, is the four-acre dog park located at The Park at Harlinsdale Farm. Aptly named the K-9 Korral, the park is a great space located on the former horse farm that is also home to the annual Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival. The K-9 Korral is just one of the many dog parks located all across Franklin and Williamson County.

Penny The Goldendoodle in Franklin, Tennessee

Another favorite place for Penny and me is the village of Leiper’s Fork. After a short drive from downtown Franklin, preferably with the windows down to feel the wind in your fur, this little jewel that at first look doesn’t appear to be much more than a wide spot in the highway is packed full of character… and characters! From beautiful art galleries to antique stores with unbelievable pickin’ corners, it is highlighted with legendary eateries/music joints like Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant where a number of the stars from your iTunes library got their start. This wonderful village is nestled between scenic vistas in every direction, so don’t forget your favorite pair of shades as you and your pups settle in for some quality relaxation time.

Front porch views of Leiper's Fork, Tennessee

You will find treats like s’mores waiting for you by the firepits at each business, great porches for swinging (or napping), while inside the shops a special treat awaits your pup too. As Penny can attest, the patio at Puckett’s is also a table scrap loving pup’s favorite. They slow smoke the BBQ every day, so it’s not uncommon for a few samples to be left behind!

There are dozens of pet-friendly hotels in Franklin, Tennessee

You’ll also need a good place to sleep, and pet-friendly hotels across Franklin like Aloft, understand just how important it is to make sure both you and your pup can kick back and relax after a long day of exploring.

So where are you, and your pets, planning to vacation this year?

Matthew Maxey