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Updated September 21

What is Visit Franklin’s message for travelers?

We are ready to welcome you back to Franklin and all the communities of Williamson County, safely. While the state of Tennessee is still in a continued state of emergency, as declared by Tennessee Governor Bill Lee through September 30, travelers to the area can again experience many of the things that make Franklin world-famous. During this period, retail locations and restaurant dining rooms are operating at full occupancy but appropriate social distancing will be highly encouraged and employees and customers will be requested to wear masks unless actively eating. The state of Tennessee has adopted a set of safety guidelines known as the Tennessee Pledge, and you will find signage about this at all shops, restaurants, and attractions showing you their willingness to welcome you back safely.

Is it safe to travel to Franklin/Williamson County?

The state of Tennessee is currently in a declared state of emergency and there are restrictions on the size of events and other types of entertainment venues, but travelers can visit safely by adhering to local and state recommendations. Visit Franklin urges all travelers to adhere to the local recommendations to wear a mask for the well being and safety of everyone, and area hotels, restaurants, shops, and attractions have committed to the guidance in the Tennessee Pledge to provide a safe, socially distanced environment. 

Do I have to wear a mask? 

While it is not mandated by local government order, it is highly recommended by both local health and government officials. Those recommendations include wearing of masks or cloth face coverings by all people in publicly-accessible areas of commercial businesses, public outdoor spaces, and within the publicly-accessible areas of business offices where there is direct interaction with the public.

Do the confirmed cases in Tennessee include Williamson County?

Yes. There have been 5,089 confirmed cases in Williamson County, Tennessee, with 379 of those being currently active cases.

Can I host an outdoor youth sports tournament in Williamson County?

Yes, under the conditions that an approved safety plan is in place for the entire tournament and all teams, spectators, and staff adhere to local and state orders in relation to crowd size.

The executive orders from Tennessee Governor Bill Lee that govern youth sports tournaments in Williamson County state that non-contact sports can be conducted while substantially maintaining appropriate social distancing. Such sports include, but are not limited to, baseball, softball, golf, disc golf, tennis, cycling, track and field and cross county or running events, swimming, skiing, archery, cricket, and equestrian.

Contact sports and events can also be conducted while substantially maintaining appropriate social distancing, with the knowledge that contact sports present a moderate to high risk in terms of COVID-19. Those sports include football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, competitive cheer, rugby, ice and field hockey, rowing, mixed martial arts, wrestling, boxing, volleyball, water polo, and other combat sports.

Can I have spectators at a youth sports tournament or event in Williamson County?

The executive orders from Tennessee Governor Bill Lee that govern youth sports tournaments in Williamson County state, “persons in the state of Tennessee should to the greatest extent practicable maintain at least six (6) feet of separation from persons outside their household, and shall not, in any event, be in a group of fifty (50) or more persons for the purposes of social or recreational activities or events; provided, that this limitation does not necessarily prohibit fifty (50) or more total persons from gathering in a single place or venue for an activity or event if they are in separate, otherwise permissible smaller groups that substantially maintain six (6) feet or more of separation from other persons or separate groups.”

What is the impact on the tourism industry in Franklin/Williamson County?

To this point, there have been 409 conferences and events canceled in Williamson County as a direct result of COVID-19 concerns, equating to over 24,300 hotel room nights.

Are there any projections on the future impacts on the tourism industry?

No, there is no data currently available that allows us to project with any certainty, and the fluid progression of COVID-19 adds yet greater complexity.

Are there any closures of note for visitors to Franklin/Williamson County?

Yes. Most places are open however some entertainment-based businesses and larger, close-contact attractions remain closed in accordance with Gov. Bill Lee’s Executive Order No. 59. Hotels and most types of tourism businesses are open. Retail locations and restaurants are open at full capacity while enacting social distancing but it is advised to check the business or restaurant’s individual website before arriving for the most up-to-date information. 

What are the best resources for those in the hospitality & travel industry?

Visit Franklin has compiled a number of resources for hospitality and travel industry partners that can be found here.

The federal government has issued travel advisories for several foreign countries with known COVID-19 outbreaks. Those updates can be found at:

The U.S. Department of State Travel Advisories
Centers for Disease Control Travel Notices

What are the best public health resources for Franklin/Williamson County?

The following resources can be useful for travelers or locals:

Latest status/updates on COVID-19 in Williamson County

Latest status/updates on COVID-19 in Tennessee

The Tennessee Department of Health has also created an information hotline that is available from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. central daily: 1-877-857-2945

The Williamson County Emergency Management has launched a coronavirus information line you can call for information regarding resources for individuals, families, and businesses, rumor mitigation, and city and county public information from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Friday at (615-595-4880.

The Williamson County Emergency Management has launched a text alert system for Williamson County specific updates related to COVID-19. Text keyword “WCCOVID” to 888-777.