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Award-Winning Songwriter: Jesse Daniel Edwards

8:00pm - 11:00pm

Jesse Daniel Edwards is an acclaimed songwriter hailing from the small mountain town of Cuyamaca, CA (pop. 60). As a child, Jesse and his 6 siblings grew up without television, internet, or significant exposure to the outside world. He spent his time learning to sing harmony to gospel tracks and tinkering on hand-me-down instruments with his grandpa. Leaving home at 16, he spent his late teen years busking on street corners around the US and abroad. He eventually grew to perform upon the festival and university circuits full-time after a chance encounter with Al Bunetta (Oh Boy Records), touring with Morrissey, Lucinda Williams, and John Prine. His songs have been featured in radio, TV, streaming movies, video games, and film.

595 Hillsboro Rd
Suite 321
Franklin, TN 37064
(629) 333-6090