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Canning 101: Preserve Healthy Food

10:00am - 12:00pm

In the Canning 101 Class, Leigh Funderburk will teach you the lost art of how to preserve your own healthy food (and why you should), so you can know exactly what you are eating and experience the nutrition you were meant to receive! Preserving food is a valuable sustainable skill that you can teach your kids and grand kids. If future pandemics occur, your canned goods will provide you and your family with healthy food to eat all year round. In this 2 hour canning class, we will share recipes and taste pickles, jams and jellies, while learning how to stock your pantry. It’s easy and satisfying to preserve your garden bounty or make your own special gifts to share with others.

Canning 101 is an actual live demonstration of the following topics:

  • Pressure Canning for non-acidic foods (like green beans, meats, etc)
  • Water Bath Canning for sweet and acidic foods (like tomatoes , jams , and pickles)
  • Blanching for the Freezer
  • Also discussed are all the processes for Jelly & Jams, Pickling, and Drying Herbs and fruit. You will also be able to see all the ingredients and equipment needed to preserve almost every type of product for your pantry or freezer!

If you have questions or need further information, simply email Leigh at stoneycreekfarmtennessee@gmail.com.

4700 Coe Lane
Franklin, TN 37064