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Sound Bath Restorative Yoga Event

7:45pm - 8:45pm

Spend the evening with us and indulge in the power of Yoga, Sound Vibrations and Community!

Our Restorative Yoga class will look and feel a little different than usual as we welcome Dr. Megan Galaske to the space. Our special guest will guide us through a magical, meditative sound bath. This event is all about comfort and letting your mind, body and spirit experience whatever comes up.

A “sound bath” is waves of soothing, echoing sounds from traditional wind and percussion instruments. The vibrations and sounds allow your brain and body to fall into a relaxed, dream-like and restorative state, calming the nervous system and ultimately bringing us closer to deeper breathing and healing.

Benefits of sound baths include:

– deeper awareness of self

– tension, anxiety, and negative moods may decrease significantly

– promotes relaxation

– helps soothe and regulate the nervous system

All you have to do is listen and welcome relaxation and peace.

**We recommend dressing in comfy clothes and making use of resting props, such as bolsters, a pillow, a blanket.**

Admission is $25 per person.

The Harvest Concept
313 Independence Square
Franklin, TN 37064