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Stoney Creek Farm: Easy Prep and Recipes for a Plant-Based Diet Class

10:00am - 12:00pm

Admission: $35

Learn creative ways to use common ingredients to make tasty, wholesome meals that can be prepared ahead of time for easy lunches and quick dinners during the workweek.

We will prepare three recipes for tasting during the class to show just how easy and yummy incorporating more plants into your meals can be.

What will you receive from the class?

  1. Demonstration of three ‘tried and true’ plant-based recipes to delight your taste buds
  2. Nicolette’s story of plant-based food training and experiences in Spain and the US
  3. Tons of other plant-based recipes
  4. Several handouts to guide and inspire you after the class

About the Teacher

Nicolette Maio is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and yoga teacher, who is currently in school at MTSU working towards a degree in Nutrition and Food Science with a focus on dietetics.

She attended several vegan chef training classes at the Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy in Mallorca, Spain in 2018 after being vegan for several years. In her free time, she coordinates and cooks for events and works as a farmer at Old School Farm, a non-profit that employs adults with disabilities and donates food to Nashville food pantries.

Stoney Creek Farm
4700 Coe Lane
Franklin, TN 37064