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Learn more about: Swagruha Indian Restaurant
Swagruha Indian Restaurant
Located in Cool Springs

In Sanskrit, Swagruha means “My Home.” At Swagruha Indian Restaurant, we seek to provide food that is authentic and from

Learn more about: House of India
House of India
Located in Cool Springs

House of India serves traditional Indian food blended with Indian spices to form contemporary Indian cuisine.

Learn more about: Cafe India
Cafe India
Located in Cool Springs

Cafe India offers a delicious selection of Breads, Pastries, Puffs, Samosas, Panini’s, Wraps, Egg Less cakes, Cookies, Chaats and exotic

Learn more about: Bombay Bistro
Bombay Bistro
Located in Cool Springs

Since 2008, Bombay Bistro has paved the way for Indian and Bombay Cuisine in Middle Tennessee. From street foods to