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Bennett Gathmann House

This serene-looking Greek Revival house stood as a witness to the horrors of war through the eyes of an 11-year-old boy named Hardin Figuers, who years later wrote accounts of the Battle of Franklin and aftermath. On the day of the battle, and against his mother’s entreaties, Hardin climbed up a large tree in the front yard to watch the fighting below. He retreated to the cellar when flying bullets endangered his own safety. While in the cellar, a 12-lb. cannonball struck a windowsill within a few feet of the family. The house served as a hospital, and Hardin wrote about scavenging throughout the countryside for food for both him and the soldiers, as nobody had enough. Seeing “a little Yankee boy pale in death,” near his own age, Hardin said, impressed him more than the thousands of dead men he looked upon. The tree Hardin climbed the day of the battle lived into the early 21st century.
903 West Main Street
Franklin, 37064