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Courtney House (Private Residence)

Robert Courtney, who died in 1859 leaving a widow and three children, built this house in the late 1840s. The Civil War sometimes divided families: father against son and brother against brother. In the Courtney family loyalties played out along gender lines: mother against son and brother against sister. The females of the family remained loyal to the Union, while the son joined the Confederate Army. Fannie Courtney, 19 at the time of the Battle of Franklin, assisted with the Union wounded at the Presbyterian Church and four months later wrote a report to the U.S. Sanitary Commission about conditions of the hospitals in Franklin. The report is one of the few contemporaneous accounts of the battle that exists today. It is from Fannie that we know there were 44 hospitals and that they flew red flags. She talked about the terror and chaos of the day and the grim reality of the aftermath. John H. Henderson, including the addition of the second floor, extensively remodeled the house in 1889. Lawyer John Henderson and his father Dr. Samuel Henderson left diaries that have been published in recent years. They detail life in Franklin from 1834-1913, a great resource for information about those times.
515 5th Avenue South
Franklin, 37064