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Pyle Clinic,1941 (Shannon Eye Care)

Dr. Walter Pyle opened a clinic here in 1941. As one of the few local full-service clinics, the Pyle Clinic is said to have been the birthplace of more than one-third of Williamson Countians through the 1940s and 1950s. In 1947, Dr. Pyle bought the house next door to the clinic and attached the two structures, opening the second of three hospitals operating in the county. An office visit to the clinic cost about $2 or $4 for an overnight hospital stay. It was not unusual for payment to be offered through bushels of garden produce, home-baked pies or fresh game. The Pyle Clinic and Hospital closed in late 1958, when the Williamson County Hospital opened. The Department of Human Services was located here for over twenty years and more recently has been the home of several successful locally owned businesses. 

407 Church Street
Franklin, 37064