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Walker-Ridley House (Private Residence)

Andrew Johnston, a prosperous early Franklin businessman, built this house as one of three Johnston houses in a row on Bridge Street and gave it to one of his daughters as a wedding present. Nashville business tycoon Rogers Caldwell moved to the house in 1957. Caldwell, once called the “J.P. Morgan of the South,” built an empire during the 1910s-20s buying insurance companies, banks, textile mills, oil companies, department stores, and selling bonds to underwrite construction projects. As Caldwell’s financial empire and fortune grew, he developed a lavish lifestyle that he financed from his company’s assets. When the company collapsed in 1930, the repercussions were felt throughout Tennessee. After the fall, Caldwell retired from business, living at his palatial estate until 1957, when legal action by Tennessee finally resulted in the seizure of that property. He spent  the last years of his life at this house where he died in 1968.
328 Bridge Street
Franklin, 37064