Curious which Visit Franklin staff member you are most likely to run into around town? Look no further than Heather!

As the strategic engagement manager, Heather is the person whose daily goal is connecting with the amazing community we call home! She connects the hospitality community with partner resources and spearheads many of Visit Franklin’s community efforts. From leading the Visit Franklin Ambassador program to sharing the benefits of tourism to community groups, Heather is the go-to person to keeping Visit Franklin’s community efforts organized.

That’s perfect because she is also one of the most organized people you’ll meet. No, seriously. That friend everyone has that’s researched everything to do on a trip and has a binder with your itinerary ready when you leave? Yep, that’s Heather! Sometimes she’ll even plan out trips for her and her family they haven’t taken yet, just for fun. It’s no surprise in her fifth-grade yearbook; it says she wanted to be a travel agent when she grows up!

When not traveling or planning her next trip to see Coldplay in concert (which she may have once seen three times in one week!), Heather is happiest when discovering new local music, hosting a great dinner party, and when the Preds beat the Penguins!