6 Reasons Why You Need To Experience Our Visitor Center

I absolutely love traveling. Ever since I was a kid, I have always had an itch to see different parts of the world and explore all of the different sights and exciting adventures that await you around every corner of a new city. If you’re anything like me, though, the thought of going into uncharted territory without a plan feels a bit unorganized and chaotic (I don’t know if Type A personalities are hereditary, but I blame my parents).

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This is why I make it a priority to stop by local visitor centers on most, if not all, of my trips. Here in Franklin, Tennessee it’s no different. In fact, our Visitor Center is a must-see! Why, you ask? 

Read on to find out…

Main Street Candle

The Awesome Swag

Leaving a new place without anything to show for it makes me so sad. That is why our Visitor Center stocks plenty of one-of-a-kind gift and souvenir items. I am not talking about the cheap, plastic snow globes and shot glasses you can buy at the local gas station. I’m talking about Franklin candles specific to the town’s character and locally made with scents like Magnolia and Gunpowder & Whiskey. You can even buy home décor pieces and high quality leather journals made by hand from a local organization called Narrow Gate Artisans that include incredible life changing stories of young men. Then of course there are the t-shirts and hoodies and mugs that are just as awesome, too.

Visitor Assistance in Franklin, Tennessee

The Always-Friendly Staff

If you want a good dose of Southern hospitality, look no further than this Visitor Center. The incredibly knowledgeable and friendly staff has been known to guide visitors by the hand to their destination. They have even helped some folks so thoroughly that the visitors fell in love with the town and became locals. The staff offers directions, dining advice, conversation and southern accents. The only thing they don’t offer is sweet tea (but they’ll tell you where to get some!).

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Picking Corner

The Pickin’ Corner

Fancy yourself an accomplished guitar player? How about banjo player? Take a seat at the Visitor Center Pickin’ Corner and strum away to your heart’s content. You never know where you’ll be discovered. (If you’re discovered at our Visitor Center, could you please give us a shout out when you become rich and famous? Thanks).

Life-Size Instagram Photo Opp!

Yes, you read that correctly. Grab our Instagram sign and a couple of friends and say CHEESE! This giant Instagram sign has a window for you to perfectly frame your face and already has the #FranklinTN included for you. Your work is done.

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Visitor Center

Maps Galore

We’ve got maps. Need I say more?

Visitor Center Maps of Franklin, TN

A Place To Tell Your Story

To me, the best part about traveling is the stories you get to bring home. It helps people feel connected to the very place you traveled to and that connection is important to our Visitor Center. We give you a chance to write out your own travel adventures on our giant story chalkboard.  So come on in and tell your story.