Brighten Your Day at These Franklin Coffee Spots

As a mom of two preschool-age children, you could say I have become quite the coffee enthusiast within the last five years. I don’t claim to be a coffee expert per se, but I am basically a pro when it comes to mom’s day out coffee dates around Franklin.

I frequent each of the shops on this list, and I can honestly say there is not one spot listed here that I wouldn’t highly recommend. Each establishment has its own character and appeal, depending on your mood and the purpose of your visit. If you are anything like me on vacation, I prefer to stop by a local coffee shop twice a day. Once in the morning, of course, and then another visit for an afternoon pick me up.

You’ll be pleased to discover that there are a variety of coffee shops in Franklin that not only provide you with a caffeine fix any time of day but also offer a rich and satisfying experience.

Coffee drink from Honest Roasters

Honest Roasters

For the coffee connoisseur, Honest Roasters is hands down, the place to visit in Franklin. Whether the day is just beginning or you’re looking for a post-lunch boost, this place is buzzing with patrons all day long. Honest Roasters is located in a historic stove factory, known as The Factory near downtown Franklin.

The story of this unique roastery began in Hawaii, where one of the owners, Brett Henry, lived and worked on a coffee farm. His experience there sparked a dream to one day own a coffee shop of his own, using quality coffee beans and onsite roasting.

When a vacancy opened up in The Factory, it was the ideal location to bring his vision to fruition. Through Honest Coffee Roasters, a part of The Factory’s past has been brought back to life, with the coffee beans roasting right in the middle of the shop. Honest has formed relationships with coffee farmers all over the world, and they pride themselves on bringing each guest an honest cup of coffee.

Integrity is the name of the game, from the farming and roasting, to the highly skilled baristas taking pride in each cup they prepare. You certainly won’t find any chemicals or overly sugared drinks here.  A personal favorite of mine is The Roosevelt, a latte made with the highest quality espresso, JD Country Milk out of Russellville, Kentucky, and house-made cinnamon simple syrup made with cinnamon sticks.

The flavor is reminiscent of a teddy graham, which is also where the name comes from, “Teddy” Roosevelt.  For the coffee purist, try the Cappuccino, arguably the best in town!

Vinyl Record Wall at Second and Bridge Coffeehouse

The Coffee House at Second and Bridge

The Coffee House is a cozy spot where I have personally spent countless hours working on my laptop while sipping a latte. The historic home dates back to 1904, and the charm from the original floors, built-ins, and fireplaces contribute to the intimate atmosphere.

There are several rooms in the shop, each with its own theme, such as the “family room” complete with coloring books and toys for kids and “The Study,” featuring a gorgeous marble fireplace.  When I think of an intimate, quiet spot to meet a friend or work by myself, this place fits the bill.

Their Signature Coffee House Cuban is a Miami-style Cuban made with brown sugar, cinnamon, and half-and-half in place of sweetened condensed milk. They also offer seasonal drinks like the Orange Mocha during the winter months, that’s sure to warm you up and satisfy any sweet tooth.

While you’re there, you must try one of the fabulous made to order crepes; this is a unique offering to The Coffee House that you won’t find anywhere else in town. My personal favorite is Morgan’s Monte Cristo made with ham, provolone, strawberry jam, and maple syrup.

Coffee and Coconuts Coffee Shop

Coffee and Coconuts

A little south of town in the bustling Berry Farms community is a fresh take on your typical middle Tennessee coffee shop appropriately named Coffee and Coconuts. As you walked through the door, you are pleasantly surprised by the bright and cheerful aqua and white color palette, real palm trees, and delightful beachy decor.

Founder, Missi Gallimore, had a dream of bringing her love of beaches, coffee, and community to Franklin, and it’s safe to say the community has loved this unique addition to the local coffee scene.  In the middle of a gray January day, cozy up in a whimsical swinging rattan chair at C&C while sipping on their signature Toasted Marshmallow Latte to cure those winter blues.

The homemade toasted marshmallow syrup is made in house by taking a blow torch to marshmallows and infusing them into a simple syrup. Another local favorite is the CBD Honey Latte made with CBD Honey Ology Essentials, high-quality espresso, Real Tennessee Milk, and cinnamon.  Be sure to stop by on a Friday evening to hear local artists perform at their weekly Writers Round beginning at 4 pm.

Latte from Frothy Monkey Franklin

Frothy Monkey

To Franklin locals, Frothy Monkey is considered a second home. It’s that familiar go-to place in town where you’re sure to see a familiar face and savor a signature Frothy coffee drink.

Situated in the heart of downtown Franklin, Frothy Monkey is a go-to spot to begin your day exploring all that downtown has to offer. When the weather permits, sitting out on the porch is an excellent option when inside seating is full. The toughest decision at Frothy is what delicious drink to order, but the signature Monkey Mocha is where it all began. This Frothy original is made with espresso, steamed milk, chocolate sauce, and Frothy Monkey banana syrup.

My newest obsession is the PBS Latte with oat milk, which includes maple, chocolate, and Georgia Grinders Peanut Butter. It’s decadent and rich without being too sweet, practically perfect in every way! The Golden Monkey is another fantastic option if you need a break from caffeine, it’s made with steamed turmeric milk, honey, and cinnamon. The list goes on of unique coffee drink offerings from this Franklin hot spot, so treat yourself!

McGavock’s Coffee Bar and Provisions

The newest addition to the Franklin coffee scene is connected to the first downtown Franklin hotel, affectionately named The Harpeth Hotel. McGavock’s Coffee Bar & Provisions is a sleek, European style coffee bar with patterned floor tile, high ceilings, and modern lighting.

The daisy logo and name originated from the legendary McGavock family with a rich history throughout the civil war in Franklin, and the daisy was their family crest. This shop uses Honest Roasters coffee featuring signature creations such as the Black Raspberry Preserve Mocha.

McGavock’s would be my preferred stop before enjoying a show or fancy dinner and don’t forget to meander through the breathtaking new hotel during your visit.

Latte from High Brow Coffee

High Brow Coffee and Tea

The picturesque Westhaven Community is a short, scenic drive from downtown Franklin, and it is also home to High Brow Coffee and Tea. The owner, Dustin Sauder, bought the shop after touring as a musician in an effort to make a living closer to home.

Sauder had a passion for home brewing, and even worked part-time at Honest Roasters when he wasn’t traveling. He brought with him into this small business the value of integrity from plant to cup as he set out to fulfill his dream. Sauder also has a young family and believes that a coffee shop can provide high-quality coffee without being pretentious, so he and his wife have made great strides to create a family-friendly atmosphere.

Not only will you find fantastic coffee at High Brow Brew, but adults and kids alike will marvel at the homemade pop tarts and variety of other freshly baked pastries. High Brow also features a vast range of hot or iced teas, including Chai Tea with a homemade concentrate of loose-leaf organic chai, organic molasses, local honey, and sugar.

If you’re looking for variety, you’ll undoubtedly find it here with unique creations such as the Bulletproof-style Paleo Latte, house-made Iced Coffee, or my personal pick, the Bourbon Caramel Latte.

The lovely thing about coffee shops is that they slow down our pace and bring us together. Coffee isn’t a drink that you gulp down without a thought; the sights and smells of each of these shops create an experience to savor.

It begins with the enticing atmosphere, then picking your drink of choice, and of course, anxiously waiting for the barista to create a drink, especially for you.

Once you receive your little cup of joy, you ooh and aww over the design and presentation, and then slowly savor the satisfying elixir. Supporting these local coffee houses is important to the local community and a truly gratifying experience every time.

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