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There are few things in life I like more than a good biscuit. I mean, how can you not love a fresh batch of light, fluffy, yet still just that perfect amount of doughy feel and kissed with a golden brown top biscuit? Have you ever had a lousy breakfast meeting over a plate of biscuits? Were you not exponentially happier when a plate of fresh biscuits was placed on your table? I didn’t think so!

My love of biscuits likely stems from the fact I had a grandmother who’s biscuits won first place at the county fair for as many years as I can remember, and never can I recall a breakfast or lunch at her house without them. Like many a southern native, biscuits were as essential to growing up in the south as drinking sweet tea and watching college football.

To my delight, biscuits have been all the rage to chefs across the country for a few years now leading to some incredible biscuit-based creations! The creative geniuses in kitchens across Franklin, Tennessee are no different, so just for you, our readers, I set out to find seven of the best biscuits you must try on your next visit!

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Biscuit Love in Franklin, Tennessee

Biscuit Love

Based on the name alone, you know Biscuit Love has to be one of the first stops for any biscuit lover! What started as a food truck sensation now calls the historic Corn House in downtown Franklin home. The Corn family were owners of Franklin’s historic Lillie Mills, which made Franklin Lily Flower, so it’s only too appropriate that the once home to the family that made all the flour in Franklin, now is home to great biscuits!

You can get the Princess biscuits that come with a little Nashville style spice and a “Hot Chicken” thigh as a nod to our neighbor’s to the north’s signature food, biscuits with a pork chop and eggs, or the S.E.C., which comes with sausage, an egg and aged cheddar.

You can’t go wrong with any, but my personal recommendation is the Lily. Biscuit French Toast with lemon mascarpone, blueberry compote, and syrup. Hello, Heaven on a plate!

Country Boy Restaurant is a breakfast staple in Leiper's Fork, near Franklin, TN

Country Boy

If you are looking for a plate of classic, perfectly soft biscuits, topped with just the right amount of white gravy, the Country Boy restaurant is your spot. Tucked in the quaint village of Leiper’s Fork, the perfectly cooked biscuits that were in the oven just minutes before you sat down are enhanced by the charming down-home atmosphere of pulling up a stool to the counter or, if you dare, pulling up a chair for a dose of storytelling at the “Table of Wisdom.”

Merridees Breadbasket

The masters manning the ovens at Merridees Breadbasket bake their biscuits, along with a laundry list of other bread, pies, cookies, and sweets from scratch daily. This freshness is the key to why their creations have graced the pages of Southern Living and the airwaves of the Food Network.

While the options are near limitless at this Franklin staple, you can never go wrong with their Egg & Cheese Biscuit! Your morning sausage and biscuit, or hame and biscuit will never be the same after pairing it with their egg and cheese variation!

Do yourself a favor and grab a small bag of cookies while there for breakfast too! You can say you’re saving them for later, but we won’t tell if you have a few with breakfast!

Triple Crown Bakery in Franklin, Tennessee

Triple Crown Bakery

Everyone goes into the cake and cookie shop for great biscuits and gravy right? No? That sounds crazy? Hear me out on this one. Accomplished pastry chef Alena Vaughn, who began her career by graduating from the famed Le Cordon Bleu then crafting up super fancy kitchen masterpieces at the Ritz Carlton, now calls Franklin home and has established her own shop, Triple Crown Bakery.

Her daily treats look like an Instagram highlight reel and taste even better. The southern California native has embraced her southern surroundings, and on Tuesday’s at the bakery, it’s biscuit and gravy day! They may not make this dish every day, but when they do…. wow! As if a place filled with cookies, cakes, and pastries could get any better?

Ruby Sunshine in downtown Franklin, Tennessee

Ruby Sunshine

With roots that trace back to the Big Easy, the New Orleans born biscuits from Ruby Sunshine know how to liven up any party – or brunch! Coming from the same minds as the famed Ruby Slipper Cafes around New Orleans the first location of Ruby Sunshine has all your biscuit loving heart could desire.

It all starts with the gigantic biscuits themselves which are even fluffier and tastier than you could imagine. Great on their own, these biscuits get the full treatment when they are topped with some of Ruby Slipper’s famed Egg Benedicts!

Frothy Monkey in Franklin, Tenn.

Frothy Monkey

Sometimes great biscuits are still just a side item for a meal, but sometimes they become the meal! That is the case with the Loaded Biscuits & Gravy at Frothy Monkey. It starts, of course, with a fresh biscuit baked that morning topped with gravy, then they layer on the smashed red potatoes, red peppers, some onion, and two over-medium eggs for good measure!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day right? There’s no way you’ll leave the table hungry after this experience. Being at Frothy Monkey, the coffee shop that has it all, you can also wash your loaded biscuits and gravy down with their incredible fresh-brewed coffee selections, a fruit tea, or even a cocktail (who are we to judge?).

So where are you going first for your biscuits the next time you’re in Franklin, Tennessee? Let us know in the comments below.

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