Satisfy Any Shopper’s Delight in Franklin

Strolling down Main Street in downtown Franklin is one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon. The local shops are all so unique, and narrowing down a list of favorites proved to be a difficult task.

Whether you are window shopping or looking for the perfect gift, there is something for everyone in this haven for locally-owned shops!

For the Entertainer

Wondering through Hester and Cook in downtown Franklin will have you dreaming up your next party in no time. This home, gift, and paper shop began when a local couple decided to expand their antique doorknob wine stoppers into an entertainer’s dream store.

The seasonal tablescapes will get your creative juices flowing with locally designed paper placemats, notecards, and vintage silverware! The expert staff is fully equipped to assist in putting together your ideal celebration with their plethora of whimsical decor for any occasion.

For the Home Chef

After you design your picture-perfect tablescape, drop in the Savory Spice Shop for some cooking inspo.

Taste and smell your way through this adorable store featuring freshly ground spices at affordable prices! Several years ago, local couple David and Hollie Rollins were on the hunt for some specialty spices to make corned beef.

They searched around town at several local grocery stores and to their surprise, couldn’t find the seasonings they were looking for. This sparked the idea in their minds to open the Savory Spice Shop in downtown Franklin.

A couple of years later the shop was so well received, that they had to expand their staff only a week after opening. The home chef will be in heaven with tasty spice blends such as the “Gourmet Santa Maria,” their best selling “Taco Seasoning,” and regional products like Trubee honey and Sourdough Bread Co.

For the Gift Giver

“My happy place” is how some describe the funky, eclectic little shop known as Tin Cottage.

This Franklin favorite has been around for more than 20 years, owned and operated by local woman, Marianne Demeyers. Marianne has a heart for southern hospitality, which shines through in the adorable bar section and seasonal displays you will find at Tin Cottage.

From candles and tabletop ware to locally curated bath bombs and Franklin swag, this little gift shop has something for everyone! It’s the kind of spot that gives you all the good vibes, and you’ll be hard-pressed to walk out empty-handed!

For the Southerner at Heart

Shopping at White’s Mercantile in downtown Franklin is more than just walking into another gift shop, it’s a quintessential southern experience. From the moment you walk in you will be hit with the cozy aroma of leather and tobacco as you peruse this elevated general store.

Nashville native, Holly Williams, is the owner and daughter of the one and only Hank Williams Jr. Holly describes the Whites Mercantile as “a general store for the modern-day tastemaker.”

Whether you are on the hunt for an eye-catching coffee table book, a darling baby gift, men’s quality grooming products, or even a present for your beloved pet; this is a one-stop-shop for that perfect southern-inspired gift. Finish it off with a brown paper sack of vintage candy by the register for a nostalgic touch!

For the Woman with a Cause

Philanthropy is the stunning Franklin clothing and home shop where fashion and faith collide. The mission behind the store is to curate and design apparel, home, and gift products with a purpose, passion, style, and quality while offering customers a unique platform for giving back.

The store has a commitment to give a minimum of 10 percent of every sale to charity through local, national, and global opportunities.

In the middle of the breathtaking store, is a small prayer chapel, designed and built by the owners, where customers can write down a prayer to hang on the wall or take a prayer tag from a previous guest to pray for in the chapel. There is a warmth in this place that truly sets Philanthropy apart.

For the Antique Lover

Franklin has no shortage of antique shops, and The Barn Door Co. is definitely a local favorite. This hidden gem is tucked away near the railroad tracks, and before you even walk in the door you might notice a vintage bicycle or antique Coca-Cola cooler.

Fourth-generation Franklin man, Kevin King, opened this store after owning a custom framing business in town for a couple of decades. Every time you walk in there are new, one of a kind antiques to marvel at such as the vintage basketball scoreboard hanging the wall or the gorgeous locally made bed swings.

The Barn Door Co also features local artists and makers such as striking paintings from artist Jamie Boyd and goodies from Mistletoe Alpaca Farm. King says custom framing is still the heart of his business, but if you’re looking for a Franklin memento, this is the place to shop!

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