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As we all do our part with social distancing, we’re spending way more time at home these days. That naturally leaves loads of time for things like catching up on that list of Netflix shows to watch or finally cleaning out that one closet you’ve been putting off for years.

However, what all this time at home also does is makes plenty of time for dreaming and planning for that next trip we’ll all be eager to take once normalcy returns.

Some of the greatest sources of inspiration for travel are professional travel writers. They have the literal “dream job” of experiencing incredible places all over the world, then sharing those stories with all of us.

However, during these days many of them are at home as well. They are like so many others across the country right now whose income source is on pause. It is very easy for us to help though. All we have to do is read their stories!

To that effect of both helping these writers, and inspiring your plans for that next trip, below are some of our favorite storyteller’s experiences in Franklin!

Give them a read, prepare to be inspired, and know that we look forward to seeing you strolling down Franklin’s Main Street, or out exploring the scenic views along with the Masters & Makers Trail soon!

Camels and Chocolate

Camels & Chocolate

Kristin Luna and husband Scott VanVelsor are a pair of Tennesseans who met while jet-setting around the globe, and continue to spend their days sharing stories of incredible places and eventful journeys at Camels & Chocolate!

Even with all the unique locales, they have experienced Tennessee holds a special place in their heart as home. The charm of the state is what keeps them in Tennessee, but it is that love of digging deep into the South’s mid-size and smaller areas that keeps bringing them back to Franklin.

Their one day guide to Franklin will appeal to any lover of history, while those thirsty for a trip around the Masters & Makers Trail can read all about experiencing whiskey, wine, and beer in Franklin from one of the very first people to complete it!

If you love looking at pictures of cute dogs, check out this recap of when Kristin and Scott were on hand for the launch of Mar’s Pet Care’s Better Cities for Pets initiative in downtown Franklin.

However, if you want the real insider perspective of how pet-friendly Franklin is, you’ll have to read this guest post from Camels & Chocolate star Ella, Kristin, and Scott’s well-traveled and highly opinionated Maltese.

For the lovers of all things outdoors – and isn’t that all of us these days – Kristin and Scott opted outside for a visit to Franklin last August, while more recently they took full advantage of the swanky new Harpeth Hotel in downtown Franklin.

Globe Guide

Globe Guide

Tamara Elliot is a former television producer whose travel advice for friends morphed into a career traversing the world for adventures she now shares on her website Globe Guide.

The self-proclaimed lover of Jack Daniels was drawn to Tennessee for the whiskey and fell in love with both H Clark and Leiper’s Fork Distillery while Sipping Whiskey Along The Tennessee Whiskey Trail.

Everyone knows that when you have a sip of whiskey or two, it is also important to have something to eat. Tamara has an extensive list of favorite spots around Franklin for everything from breakfast and comfort food to those sugary treats and maybe even a suggestion where to find a nightcap too.

More than just eating and drinking, Tamara has a knack for finding the unique and adventurous too.

You’ll have to read through her 5 Insanely Cool Things To Do In Franklin to see how she ended up staying the night at a recording studio and watching the sunrise from atop the Natchez Trace Bridge.

Don’t skip perusing the 5 Country-Cool Things to do in Leiper’s Fork for what she calls the “world’s cutest gas station.”


This is My South

Caroline Eubanks is the voice behind This Is My South. To say she is an expert on traveling around the South is an understatement since she literally wrote the book about it!

In her travels to Franklin, she created an incredible Girlfriend Getaway Guide. You’ll see here suggestions on not just what to eat while in town, but also the best places for you and your girlfriends to find a unique, relaxing experience!

You’ll also know exactly why Franklin landed on the list of the 12 Most Romantic Destinations in the South.

Carolina also spent time at both whiskey distilleries for her guide to Following the Tennessee Whiskey Trail.

If this time has you thinking about a stiff drink, she’s got you covered across Tennessee – even if we are a bit biased towards H Clark Distillery and Leiper’s Fork Distillery.



Married vagabonds Jade Brodus & Bob Christian have made a career of telling compelling stories about destinations across the United States and the globe.

When they welcomed the ever personable “Kid Augustine,” they officially became the Vagabond3, and their site quickly grew into a go-to for those looking for both family travel inspiration and great ideas for parent getaways too.

Like many travelers, they were short on time when they visited Franklin for a kid-free getaway and created a guide to making the most of 24 Hours in Franklin.

They explored the food scene, history, shopping, and of course the Masters & Makers Trail. Bob also explored downtown Franklin with camera in hand capturing many of the views that have drawn visitors from across the world to Main Street in downtown Franklin.


yTravel Blog

Caz & Craig Makepeace truly prove that travel doesn’t have to stop after having kids. These Aussies have been taking their kids on adventures across the globe and sharing their stories on yTravel Blog.

When they came to Franklin it truly was a multi-generational visit. They only had one day to spend, but they made the most of it for sure and created an incredible guide to things to do in Franklin for all ages!

From learning about Civil War history and spending time on what they describe as, “one of the most charming downtown streets we’ve discovered so far in the US,” they also found some tranquil moments in the village of Leiper’s Fork.

They may have had only one day in town, but that one day made enough of an impression that Franklin made the list of yTravel Blog’s 17 Cool Places To Visit In The US For 2020.

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