maniac  n.  1.  An insane person.   2.  A person who has an excessive enthusiasm or desire for something

While the first definition might be used to characterize us, we like to think that the second one is more appropriate. A few years ago we sold all our other restaurants.  Fun, right?  Now, we finally had the time to relax, see the sites, etc.  Instead (and here’s where that first definition comes in), we looked around, ate a lot, experimented even more and Maniac’s was born.  Okay, so maybe it wasn’t that simple but you get the idea.

We wanted to do food that we enjoyed eating. Because, and trust me on this, if you work in a restaurant everyday you had better love the food it serves.  We wanted everything to be fresh, from scratch, made to order . . . . no microwaves, no freezers.  Food done just for you, just the way you like it.

99 Seaboard Lane
Brentwood, TN 37027