The Fainting Goat Coffee Co. – Franklin


“The Fainting Goat” what kinda name is that for a coffee shop? Well, as y’all know, we’re not your typical coffee shop—yes, we’re a bit quirky, a lot “out there,” and maybe even weird. We’re sure you guys have noticed that we love pop culture, and we enjoy being inspired by it in a lot of what we do. We are not coffee snobs at all, but we deeply care for our craft. We bring our own twist to a typical coffee shop, and our merch is a never-ending display of variety.

But in the end, the Goat is a place for everyone, not only coffee enthusiasts. “Coffee” is a community experience and was never meant to be for a selected group of people to enjoy. That’s who we are, a place for you to come, experience, enjoy, and never feel intimidated.

The Goat is your home away from home regardless of who you are or where you come from. The only thing we filter here…is coffee.

1143 Columbia Avenue, Building A
Franklin, TN 37064

(615) 996-3052