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Battle of Franklin

The Greatest Story of the Civil War

The Battle of Franklin was one of the bloodiest battles of America's Civil War. More than 150 years later the stories of both despair and heroism have been carefully preserved and shared daily with visitors from all over the world. The three Civil War sites - Carnton, Carter House and Lotz House - each has a unique story to tell regarding the Battle of Franklin.

Annual Illumination for the Battle of Franklin

Carnton still stands as a memorial to the Battle of Franklin. This majestic antebellum home would inescapably become a field hospital for hundreds of wounded and dying Confederate soldiers.

Carnton Plantation

The Carter House stands today with one of the most bullet-riddled buildings of the Civil War on its property; the walls tell the story of the epic day of conflict between North and South.

Carter House
Franklin 150 Company

Across the street from the Carter House, the Lotz House bears its own battle scars including the charred indention in the hardwood floor where a cannonball flew through the roof.

Lotz House in Franklin, Tennessee

Gifted storytellers and historians give daily tours that help to usher in the intense passions and sacrifices on both sides of the battle. Museums, artifacts, and well-preserved sites allow you to walk in the footsteps and hear the stories of the people there that day.

Re-eneactors at The Carter House in Franklin, Tennessee
Battle of Franklin
1345 Eastern Flank Cir
Franklin,  TN  37064

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