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The Sweet Life

Brentwood’s pristine cityscape inspires, but it’s the sense of true community and culture that sparks its own kind of magic here. Think southern hospitality fused with a lively vibe and you will appreciate this unique slice of the Williamson County pie.

The area hums with a collection of retail, food, and fun laced with a “you first” charm that’s unmistakably Tennessee. Bring back your bliss with a hike through Crockett and Marcella Vivrette Smith Parks.

You’ll find exceptional lodging and a lineup of boutiques and brand retail such as REI, Spruce, Pear Tree Ave­­nue, Stacey Rhodes, and Pink Tulip that will keep shoppers on-trend.

Culinary options range from fancy and flavorful, to meat and threes, to a slice of something fit and fresh. You’ll say please and thank you all day long at deliciously hip tabletops like The Perch, Puffy Muffin, and Wild Iris.

True story: Brentwood was recently crowned as one of the country’s most desirable living communities and a Google eCity.

Brentwood, 37027