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The Lotz House in Franklin, TN

Lotz House


The Lotz House is TripAdvisor’s No. 1 rated attraction in Franklin. Lotz House is located in the heart of downtown Franklin at “ground zero” for the Battle of Franklin, which was a pivotal battle in the Civil War on November 30, 1864. The house was built in 1858 by German immigrant Johann Albert Lotz. By trade, Mr. Lotz was a master carpenter and a piano maker.  His home, served as his “show house” to demonstrate his carpentry work to potential clients interested in hiring him for his services. There are also several battle scars including the charred rounded indention in the wood flooring where a cannonball flew through the roof, the second story bedroom and landed on the first floor and rolled. Incredible antiques throughout including John Henry Belter furnishings, Old Paris Porcelain and relics from the battlefield.

Guided Tours

One (1) hour

Special private tours and custom tours available by reservation.


Mon-Sat: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Sunday 1 - 4 p.m.


Adult Ticket $10

Please call for group and student rates.

AAA Members receive a 10 percent discount.

Matilda Lotz, Artist

Matilda Lotz turned six years old the day before the Battle of Franklin.  As a girl she scribbled line drawings in the dirt of her farm animals and on rare occasions when they were presented a scrap of paper, she would take a small bit of cooled coal from the fireplace and draw childish figures. She and her family took shelter in the basement of The Carter House located across the street during the battle in an attempt to survive the bullets and cannons and fire of the enemy. After the battle they walked 110 steps back to their home stepping over the soldiers who were wounded or killed. Her home was turned into a hospital to care for the wounded. In 1874, she began a six-year course of study under Virgil Williams at the school of design in San Francisco.  She continued her art study in Paris, France where she received an honorable mention for her work exhibited at the Paris Salon and was awarded two gold medals by the Paris Academy of Painting (the first woman ever to be honored by the Academy). Today, Matilda Lotz is recognized as one of California’s premiere early female artists and her work is highly prized and sought after. The Lotz House has six of Matilda’s original oil paintings on display including “Sheep at Rest,” “Donkey,” “Wolf,” “Harry Wilkes,” “The Herd” and “Black Sheep.”

Learn more about Matilda Lotz and the experiences of women in the 1860s with the hour-long guided Women’s History Tour!

1111 Columbia Avenue
Franklin, 37064
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