Luna Record Shop Album Picks

When you visit Franklin, you can’t help but notice how music seems to permeate everything. It is always in the air along Main Street, is present in the restaurants and shops you wander through, and hidden the most unexpected places.

The spirit of Franklin has been the inspiration for some of your favorite songs on the radio, but this is not just a great place to make and hear music. It is also a place to make incredible finds at independent record stores like Luna Record Shop.

One of the great experiences of any visit is popping in and out of the shops and galleries at The Factory at Franklin, and especially a long hang perusing the collection of vinyl at Luna and chatting with the staff there to get insight on the newest music or perfect records to fit your mood.

While we can’t wander into the shop physically these days, we can still get great ideas from the Luna team on what we should be listening to right now.

They have compiled a playlist of five albums and a select track from each for you. When played together, they are full of gorgeous music and feed off of each other to create some “moody vibes” that actually offer therapeutic qualities.

Luna Records Shop playlist

Radiohead – Kid A 
Track: How To Disappear Completely

Beach House -Depression Cherry
Track: Days of Candy

Phantogram- Ceremony
Track: News Today

The Smashing Pumpkins- Adore
Track: Behold! The Night Mare

Tame Impala- The Slow Rush
Track: Lost In Yesterday

As you set up your Luna suggested playlist at home, you can, of course, get each of these albums online from Luna Record Shop, delivered right to your front door. You can also peruse the hundreds of other options available and create your own playlist to jam out with at home.

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