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Hillbilly Clue: Murder, Mayhem and Moonshine


You know the story — Someone has been murdered and it’s up to you to figure out whodunit. Classic CLUE… except this time there’s a Hillbilly twist: the game board is Gratidude Ranch and the suspects are the towns folk come to life. Yikes!

Enjoy a down-home shindig while rubbing elbows with the local townies. Will YOU be able to figure it all out before the night ends? Was it Jim-Bob Plum in the barn with the pitchfork? Colonel Mustard in the office with the poison? Miss Scarlet in the garden with the knife? There’s a unique reward for cracking the case (you know… who, what and where). Game on, sleuths!

At 6PM we will be hosting a special VIP Hillbilly Hour (and maybe hear a rumor or 2)

At 7PM our doors open for general admission tickets and a 3 course meal. Admission is $45-$65.

For more information and to get tickets visit HillbillyClue.com

**A portion of the proceeds goes towards the non-profit SAFE, supporting local foster youth and families**

Gratidude Ranch
7515 Pewitt Rd.
Franklin, 37064