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Lavender uPick

10:00am - 1:00pm

– Admission is $5/person 12 and older.

– A uPick bouquet fills one mason jar; prices vary based on size.

– Bouquets filling a regular-mouth jar are $10 each, while those in wide-mouth jars are $15.

– You are encouraged to bring your own scissors and mason jar(s), but mason jars and scissors will also be available onsite.

– If you do not bring a mason jar or vase to take your flowers home in, we will have cups with water to help get your flowers home in good condition.

How does the uPick work?

The uPick event is hosted at Menkveld Farm in Nolensville. When you arrive, follow the signs for parking. At the lavender field check in at the white tent, where you will pay for admission and the number of bouquets you wish to pick . You will also receive a quick tutorial on how to harvest a lavender bouquet without damaging the plants. When you have finished cutting flowers for your bouquet, drop off any borrowed equipment at the tent. We accept cash, Venmo, and credit card. As a reminder, while you are on the farm you will likely encounter bugs and other critters, including bees. It can also get very warm out in the lavender field this time of year, so we encourage everyone to bring water and wear sunscreen.

2966 McCanless Road
Nolensville, TN 37135