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The Carters’ Cotton Gin stood on the north side of Cleburne Street forming a deadly salient for angling fire at the Confederates occupying the outer breastworks’ trenches. Here was the battle’s epicenter. Veterans referred to this area as the “Slaughter Pen.” Federal Brigadier General Jacob D. Cox’s division manned the left  flank breastworks that bordered along Cleburne Street. Federal Brigadier General Thomas H. Ruger’s Division occupied the forward breastworks to the right of what is now Stahl Street and rear breastworks on the south side of the Carters’ farm office building. Confederate Major General John C. Brown’s troops charged, along with men routed from the Federal forward line and broke through this line for some 50 yards before being repulsed by heavy fire. Brigadier Generals Otho F. Strahl, John C. Carter and States Rights Gist fell along present Strahl Street. Major General Patrick Cleburne, Brigadier Generals Hiram B. Granbury and John Adams were cut down along present Cleburne Street. Wooden posts inscribed with the generals’ names give the approximate locations where they fell. The Army of Tennessee never recovered from the loss of these gifted commanders.
Cleburne St. & Columbia Avenue
Franklin, 37064