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Fuller Story Marker: The Battle of Franklin

The Battle of Franklin is summarized in this marker directly in front of the statue at the center of the public square. It details the events of November 30, 1864, that saw approximately 40,000 troops battle each other beginning at 4 p.m. By the time the battle was over at 9 p.m., the exceptionally violent battle that was fought mostly at close quarters had produced nearly 10,000 casualties, almost 7,500 of which were Confederates. Thirty-five years after The Battle of Franklin in 1899, the Confederate monument at the center of the square was unveiled by the Daughters of the American Confederacy. Years after the monument was erected, in March 1909, four original bronze Federal Model 1841 6-pounder field guns, cast for the Union Army in Massachusetts between 1847 and 1861, were added encircling the base of the statue. Later in 2015, the cannons were placed in National Park-quality reproduction No. 1 field carriages on wheels to better represent what the cannons looked like in the 1860s.