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Fuller Story Marker: The Franklin Riot of 1867

On this marker facing the historic courthouse, the unrest and armed clashes among political groups, and white and black populations following the Civil War around the South are discussed; including a clash from July 6, 1867, on Franklin’s square. Described as the Carnival of Blood, on that day, after a delayed Independence Day parade and political speeches, a race riot broke out on the square. Just after 8 p.m., members of the Colored League (African American Republicans) marched into the square, heavily armed. Though Leaguers had informed the would lay down their arms, as they passed Conservatives, a white Conservative fired two shots into the Leaguers, who returned fire. One White Conservative, Michael Cody, was killed. Six white and several black members were wounded. Twenty-seven Leaguers were wounded; most had been shot in the back.