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Wiley Memorial Chapel Methodist Episcopal (Pull-Tight Theatre)

This building served as Franklin’s first church for freed slaves, built in 1868 by missionaries who came to town to help the freedmen build their own churches. Take a look at the cornerstone on the building: Wiley Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church, 1925. Wiley was the denomination’s bishop, Methodist Episcopal the name of the denomination and 1925 refers to the date the entrance hall was added aft er tornado winds damaged the building. By 1945, the congregation dwindled away and the church ceased to exist. The building was sold, and progressed through a series of uses until 1985 when Pull-Tight Players Theatre moved in. Pull-Tight Players was founded in 1968 as Franklin’s first community theater. The group’s name originates from a hill in Williamson County, where mules once needed to “pull tight” into a pack to climb and descend the steep incline.
122 2nd Ave South
Franklin, 37064