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Hotel Corner (Fifth Third Bank)

In the northeast corner of the Square, the middle building built circa 1880 in the Victorian style was the Mays Hotel and later the Post Hotel. The Red Grill Restaurant was on the corner. A night at the hotel cost 10 cents, but in 1900, that did not guarantee a private room. Often complete strangers shared rooms and even beds. The building in the corner was the original City Hall. The police, fire department, city recorder, and one jail cell were all here. The bay window on the left was once an open garage door where first the fire wagon and later the fire truck were parked. Fire was always a dreaded possibility with open hearth cooking and heating. Early town laws required everyone to keep a 5-gallon bucket of water handy and store their gunpowder far away from the fireplace.

230 Public Square
Franklin, 37064