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Rest Haven Cemetery & The Unknown Soldier

In 1855 John Marshall deeded a lot of seven acres to the town of Franklin for a “new cemetery” which was located just west of the old burial ground. Known as Rest Haven, it contains the bodies of many of those who lived through the fiery trial of civil war and occupation. Numerous Confederate and a few Union soldiers are buried here as well as a few early immigrants. Rest Haven is the final resting place for Captain Tod Carter who was mortally wounded near his family’s Franklin home, The Carter House. Also interred here is U.S. General James Brownlow, son of Tennessee’s Reconstruction governor Parson Brownlow. A Civil War soldier’s remains, buttons, and a bullet were uncovered during a construction project on Columbia Avenue just north of Winstead Hill in May 2009. On October 10, 2009, the soldier’s remains were reinterred in Rest Haven cemetery after a 19th century funeral at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and procession by horse-drawn caisson through Franklin’s downtown. Nearly 7,000 people stood along the route and observed silence to respect a soldier who died on the field of battle. At the cemetery, re-enactors fired a 21-gun salute, and visitors from the 18 states that were represented at the Battle of Franklin poured dirt from their home state on the coffin. The columns and architectural relics comprising the monument originally surrounded Tennessee’s state capitol.
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Franklin, 37064