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Stone Bungalow (Private Residence)

The Stone Bungalow is built on one of the original lots of the 15-block town of Franklin. It replaced an earlier structure that was home to Jesse Benton, who with his brother Thomas Hart Benton was involved in a notorious 1813 brawl with Andrew Jackson that ended with Jesse Benton shooting Andrew Jackson in the arm on the streets of downtown Nashville and nearly killing him. The Benton brothers left Tennessee after the incident. Years later, when Jackson was serving as President, he had the bullet removed and presented it to Thomas Hart Benton, who was then serving in Congress as senator from Missouri. Sam Fleming Sr. who lived in the blue Victorian-style home next door built this home in 1926 for his daughter Mickie after he tore the older house down. It is an Arts & Crafts bungalow style that was popular in the early 1900s. Mickie incurred her father’s wrath when she eloped with a Vanderbilt classmate of her brother. Her father offered her this home if she would divorce her husband, which she did after one year of marriage although she still loved him. Sam Fleming Sr. left all three of his children  an equal inheritance but Mickie’s was conditional upon not remarrying her husband. She promptly remarried him after her father’s death and remained married to him until her death.
221 3rd Avenue South
Franklin, 37064