The Perfect Ways to Celebrate NYE in Franklin

You may be asking: How should I celebrate New Year’s Eve in Franklin?

Well, as someone who grew up devouring every magazine my mom left lying around (shoutout Southern Living—and thanks for featuring us), I’ve always wanted to write an article that swirls you through a myriad of options and drops the perfect answer to your query at the bottom of the page.

And today. Today is that day.  

While I don’t have cute graphics and a maze of lines, I do have some questions that will lead you to a New Year’s Eve itinerary you’re sure to love. We’ll start with…


Would you rather spend your evening sloshing champagne over the edge of your glass as you toast to 2022 with your friends and fellow Franklinites? (Is that what we call ourselves?) 

Or, do you see yourself lounging in a one-of-a-kind Airbnb away from it all? 

If you can’t imagine ending your year without a crowd to count down with, you’re going to want to snap up tickets to New Year’s Eve With Studio Tenn. This multi-location, two-part event starts at the charming Franklin Theatre. Once the curtain has closed on the live performances, you can choose to head to The Harpeth, where you’ll dance and take part in, you guessed it, a champagne toast. While you’re at it, go ahead and book a room in this stunning hotel so you’ll have somewhere to flop into bed—ahem, gracefully lay your head—after you shout 3…2…1, Happy New Year! UPDATE: THIS EVENT HAS JUST BEEN CANCELLED. Please check the Franklin Theatre website for more events in the new year.

If you’re sure a fresh space will give you a fresh start to your year (and the peace and quiet won’t hurt either), Franklin’s got the rental, and we’ve got the article for you. Spread out in your own inn or snuggle up in a tiny log cabin out on a farm. Stay up until midnight to watch the ball drop, or hit the hay and wake up refreshed and ready to make this January 1 your best yet.


Would you rather jump-start your resolution to try new things? (A resolution made better by the addition of wine.) 

Or, have you been looking forward to assembling an array of locally sourced snacks to graze on in your kitchen as the night progresses? 

If you’re clutching a resolution-filled list to your chest with a twinkle in your eye, you need to buy tickets to Black Diamond Culinary’s Happy New Year! event. Known for its cooking classes, Black Diamond Culinary will welcome you in and teach you how to make heavy appetizers as you swirl, sniff, and sip. And, because this event ends at 7 p.m., you’ll still have time to make it to New Year’s Eve With Studio Tenn, which begins at 8 p.m.

If you want the hors d’oeuvres sans effort, stop by Franklin Bakehouse to pick up a Picnic Box. While it was designed with the outdoors in mind, its contents—including house-made pimento cheese and a heap of fresh fruit—pair perfectly with the blanket you’re wrapping around yourself inside the warmth of your rental. And everyone knows a good charcuterie board needs something to cut the salt.

That’s where Sugar Drop comes in. Its Sugar Charcuterie Platter features something for every sweet tooth. Did we mention seasonal themes are available? Be sure to order in advance, as the dessert boutique’s hours change for the holiday.   


Would you rather slink into a 1920s-themed speakeasy to sip on a craft cocktail as 2021 comes to a close?  

Or, does your ideal vacation include supporting a handful of local businesses as you drink beside a fire pit? (Pass the corkscrew, please!) 

Check out Amendment XVIII Cocktail Club if you like ambiance with your alcohol. You’ll go back in time as the new year approaches in this bar with an anti-prohibition motif. Be warned, all that time traveling may make you crave a Deja Vieux—the speakeasy’s version of a whiskey sour—or two.

If you’re more at home behind the bar (or kitchen counter), you’re going to need to stock up for the evening—it is New Year’s Eve, after all. Vino lovers will toast you if you bring back a bottle from Arrington VineyardsBarrels & Brews will help you choose liquor from their private single barrels. And if you’re really planning a party, reach out to Wild Hare Beer Co. to order a keg filled with local booze.

Two adults and a child taking a hike in the fall


Would you rather spend some time out in nature, reflecting and centering yourself as you move through the Middle Tennessee forest? 

Or, does your idea of relaxation involve “total stillness and 1,000 lbs of Epsom salt water.” (Nope, not a typo. Keep reading.) 

If you’re thinking this article wouldn’t be complete without fitness thrown into the mix, this paragraph is for you. Owl’s Hill Nature Sanctuary will be offering its Marshmallow and Hot Chocolate Hikes on December 31. Register to wander through the woods on part of the 300-acre property and warm up with the winter treats that give the outdoor adventure its moniker.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of total stillness (and who can blame you after such a hectic holiday season?), pay a visit to Pure Sweat + Float Studio. Here, you’ll find tanks said to help with a variety of ailments, including mental and physical stress. You can even opt to play a guided meditation as you float—the perfect way to relax before diving into 2022.   

No matter where this itinerary takes you, your time in Franklin is sure to sparkle. Cheers!